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    Jun 13, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    Since 2 months or something I started using Massplanner for growing followers and linking them to my youtube channel. Atm I'm nearly at 7k followers and growing about 900 followers a week. I got a few temporary bans(spammy in commenting and following) nothing major but changed the settings to avoid getting flagged again.

    I'm in the Airsoft niche, which is not as big ass other niches. Right now I just follow people that follow populair airsoft instagram pages. My like rate is about 10% on a nice photo some up to 15%. My main goal is getting more subscribers on Youtube, so I comment my followers on 1 of there photo's. So far gaining 10-15 subs a day. I did some advertising on my Facebook page but they aren't active likers. So thats kinda ruined(1500 likes).

    How can I get engagement higher with this tool, even with extra tools that need to be bought.

    My settings :
    Following 400-500 a day
    Unfollow (after 3 days) 300-400 a day
    Likes 600-800 a day
    Comment 100-150 a day
    My account is nearly 4 months old.

    Appreciate for a nice feedback!