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    Jan 11, 2012
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    Im new at seo and trying to learn new things everday but i got some questions i hope someone can answer.

    Keyword: How can i see if a keyword is good and not so much competitive? When i use google keyword tool and search the word "Fat" for example it says that monthly seaches are "30 400 000" and the competition is low? How can that be?

    And what does "Spinning/spung an article mean?"

    Can i have some tips on how to drive traffic to a website? :) I know about backlinks, but not really a good way on how to use them. Im thinking about buying Scrapebox but i feel that i need some more experience, i would really appreciate some help. I read some of the guides on forum but still there are some things that i dont get yet :)

    Also what is PR1 PR2 PR4? How do you get it? =)
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