Tip on how to determine which theme a blog is using + How to get most premium themes Free

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    Hey there..

    I am doing this for ages... Thought I'd share with you.
    First, sometimes you see a nice layout and you don't really see which theme is used on a particular blog. (when someone removes the credit links for exmaple).

    Here is how you can tell which theme is used:

    - In your browser, open the page source (ctrl+u in firefox), usually in the "view" tab in most browsers.
    - Search the source for "theme" - ctrl+f "theme".
    - See what theme the blog is using.

    Another option:

    - Go here - hxxp://ismyblogworking.com/
    - Enter the name of the blog you look at.
    - At the bottom you can see a line: "WordPress theme: XXX".
    - Click it, it will usually take you to the theme website.

    How to grab premium themes for free:

    I don't know how these guys have the guts to do this, but:

    - Go here: hxxp://wphacks.com/
    - Brose the many premium themes you see there.
    - Pick and download.

    Thats it... If you like it, the thanks button is bellow ;)

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    thanks, i will try