TIP - How to increase follow-back rate with the follow/unfollow method

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    Hey guys,

    As many on BHW I've been a lurker for a few months but I've already been able to apply some methods to my IG-page, so time to give something back!

    I've done some testing and figured out a method that works for my page and will probably work with any other niche as well as it's more of a 'psychological' approach. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

    So, what I do when I follow new people is this:

    Preparation: Make a list of pages within your niche with high engagement/similar content to yours. You don't need a lot ? just make sure their followers are active above average. You can use this list over and over.

    1) Post a very high quality picture. Don't get me wrong, you should aim for every post to be of the best quality possible, but some photos are just better than others. (A 67 ford mustang looks better than one from the 80's, even if the last one's completely pimped out ;)). If you want to use hashtags, limit them to a few, very relevant one's. Hashtages are visual clutter and a clean post is more attractive to new followers imo.

    2) Check the pages from the list you've made and check for when their most recent post was. The goal is to find a post that has been posted for about an hour ago MAX. The more recent, the better the result will be (most of the time anyway).

    3) Start to follow all the people who liked that post until you've reached the Instagram-limit. 60 to 80 follows per hour is the safest way but I've noticed that two bigger 'following bursts' per day are possible when your account has aged a little bit. Stick to 60-80 max per hour if you want to take the safer route. Anyway, make sure that you follow people who recently liked a very recent picture.

    Now, the difference between this method and just copying an other page's follower-list is that with my method, you're most likely to follow people who are still online and have already liked a similar post to what you have posted on your page. That's what's most important: you want to target people that are active and not just following.

    Personally when I'm on IG and I comment or like a picture, it's much more likely that I'll do the same on similar posts ? especially on a page that I recently discovered with high quality content.

    So if you follow someone who's still online and that person recently liked similar content, those people come to your page and see a very high quality picture as your most recent post, they're much more likely to follow back and engage on that post at the same time. On of my most recent posts got to the popular page because of this method and reached more than double the amount of likes I usually get.

    I really recommend this method as I notice a 30 to 50% follow-back rate when doing it this way as opposed to just 'randomly' following people from a similar page's follower-list.

    Good luck and have fun! :)
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    I'm doing the same on all my accounts, except for your point in 3), I follow 190, then an hour later another 190. Didn't have any troubles with these numbers.
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    Very good advice. This would definately give you an extra 10-20% followback ratio.
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    Nothing new here mate, we are all doing this. Thanks anyways :)