Tip: How I get siriusxm radio for under $50 per year.

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    I don't really know what other forum this could go in, I looked, so I settled on the lounge.

    Anyway, quick tip to anyone who gets siriusXM satellite radio in their car.

    I have been doing this for maybe 3 years now, and I thought maybe people who pay full price, might be unaware of this little tidbit.

    SiriusXM standard satellite radio costs about $90 every 6 months or $180 per year. I got sick of paying this so I cancelled in 2010.

    In 2011, I got a phone call offering the service for $29.87 or something along those lines, for 6 months if I pay today. The catch is it is recurring, so if you do not call and cancel, it is renewed at full price.

    So what I have been doing, is every 6 months (I just mark the month on my calender) I call to cancel my service. Every single time, they offer a temporary deal for another 6 month "special" under $30.
    (There must be something in the call centers, that they train them their phone representatives not to lose customers, at any cost)

    I have literally called every time for the past 3 years to get this "deal", I have never not been offered it, and this past time my total came out to $24, so for some reason it is also going down.

    So this year I am literally getting $180 of SiriusXM radio for 50 bucks, I think that is a pretty great deal because I drive all the time and the initial price is just way too much.

    Tl;Dr: Call in to cancel your siriusXM satellite every 6 months, get offered a hugely discounted price. Good Luck!!

    Note: If this has to be moved that's fine, I really do not know where else to put the thread.
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