Tinyr/org Advertiser Program | Google+'s, Facebook Likes, Youtube Views and more!

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    Hello WJunction, how are you?

    My name is De'Andre and I'm the owner if Tinyr/org

    Tinyr is a network where people can earn money by liking facebook pages, google+'s, watching youtube videos, following on twitter and more. Everything social media.

    Each user will earn 1 coin for each task they complete. Now how to these people get paid? Well, by the advertisers and that's where you come in.

    If you are an webmaster looking to get website traffic, youtube views, twitter followers and more, you can come to Tinyr and get REAL traffic from REAL people, not bots. Tinyr also helps boost your SEO, get better PR's (Page Ranks) and also helps build a good foundation.

    Here are some of our cheap and profitable packages

    Coins Amount
    20 1.00
    50 5.00
    100 10.00
    150 25.00
    Over 150 coins are discounted :)
    350 30.00
    450 50.00
    550 70.00
    650 90.00
    750 101.00​

    These are great packages for people that needs real traffic and not bots and other type of malicious traffic. Everything is happening in real time and everything is auto.

    Adverisers also have the choice to offer each user how many coins they want for doing a job. So if you're a generous person, instead of the default 1 coin per action, if you want to give them 3 coins, it's totally up to you!


    Q. As an advertiser, do I have to manually check for each user to do the job I wanted?
    A. No way! Everything is automactic so you will not have to check to see if someone likes your facebook, it does it for you. Also with giving the users coins, it just happens.

    We accept payment's through Paypal and Alertpay for packages and if you need any help, we're here almost 24/7 to help you through the process :)

    If you have any type of questions, please comment below

    *Please note this is only for potential advertisers, not users. User thread will be posted soon.