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    So here is something I came across that worked very well for me when I used to own a cannabis dispensary in SoCal (sold it last Dec though).

    Tinder Pro (which means you'll need an FB)
    Partner with a hot girl and pay her obviously. Or have a good looking guy depending on the product to be marketed.

    So pretty basic stuff, sign up for Tinder Pro so you get unlimited swipes and you can use "passport" to move to other cities. This works well for marketing local club promotion, events, bars, restaurants, crossfit gyms, whatever it may be. Basically just add it to your toolbox of local marketing tools.

    Step 1. make the profile real, real pics (update regularly), cool bio that people will know you are real... always make it hilarious, people love funny people.

    Step 2. pick your demographic criteria: for club/bar promotion this is where you want a hot guy as the profile pics because you want GIRLS to be at the club. If you are promoting a gym or a damn auto parts store, use a hot chick profile. Pick your search age range if you want to be specific, mileage from you, etc.

    Step 3. Right swipe EVERYONE, EVERY ONE! After all you are paying for Tinder pro, so you have unlimited swipes.

    Step 4. Wait for the matches to roll in.

    Step 5. Start posting "moments" asking people to join your other social networks! This is important because now you have them on other networks and you already know what city they are from without having randoms.

    Step 6. Once you reach about 1,000 matches (which isn't hard in large cities with hot profiles, I personally know a woman in LA with over 12,000 matches and does Tinder strictly for business and modeling opportunities) start posting moments about the venue you want them to visit "come meet me at *******", but also don't forget to post hot pics too in between and normal ones of what you're doing. This is why it's good to have a partner and take it as a serious business. Takes some work, but can be powerful as hell on a local level.

    Step 7. Negotiate a price with the venue or place what their average customer could be worth. Or just charge them a flat rate, up to you. Once they know you have a solid demographic, local, telling them about their business that can be a very powerful marketing tool. Maybe come up with a specific "keyword" or have them screen shot your moment and show it at the register or to the doorman to show you are actually bringing in people. Honestly if you and your hot girl partner or guy partner are really up for being there then that's only going to make it more "real", you can easily turn it into a local promotions busioness.

    Step 8. Keep adding them to your other social networks by asking through moments posts. I dont recommend asking people to join your other networks through message because they AUTOMATICALLY assume you are marketing and unmatch you.

    Step 9. If you want to turn it into a marketing system and move to other large cities all you have to do is change your bio to say something like "I'll be in (new city) in 2 weeks and only staying for a week but I want to meet a lot of new people who can show me around"... passport to that city about 2 weeks prior to your campaign and start right swiping your ass off. LOL. Then you have a lot from that city, etc. Pick 3 or 4 key cities, work them exclusively, get to know the areas, the businesses, and ALWAYS ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR OTHER NETWORKS! Monetize the other networks how you wish, at least you know they are all real and where they are all from.

    Step 10:... the BHW rule as usual... rinse, repeat, twist, get creative! This is just how I have used it myself when I was in the cannabis industry and wanted a ton of stoners at events. It works big time! There is a "real life" aspect to it, so I realize it's not for everyone. It's always more effective with a great partnership and actually attending the venues you ask people to meet you at.

    Happy swiping BHW!
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    Feels like you're promoting Tinder Pro but still a great tutorial.
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    I see chicks doing this with pof as well... bangable conversion rates on those are next to nil.