timehealthyhome Tryed to scam me!

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    This guy claiming he pays 50$ PER approved CPA account was BULL!

    Okay so i added him on AIM and he gave me a Huge list of CPA networks.
    I said how will i know if you pay me and he said Don't worry I'm trustful just look at my BHW account. He wanted a long term JV sorta

    I said it would be better if you payed half FIRST then after i give you the accounts details pay the rest of the payment he IMMEDIATELY backed down therfore he was going to try and scam me It's obvious this guy deserves a SLAP in the face! He's from china i believe so He CAN'T be trusted!

    If you get a PM aski8ng for CPA approval service DON'T do it he'll PRBABLY just scam you!