Time Zones - Business Tact And You

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    Nov 6, 2012
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    Hello Everyone, So here is the thing. You would not believe how many PM, emails or Skype messages from some noobies with
    first messages being "Contact me ASAP I need help" Or even if it is a service they are interested in they scream instant gratification.

    Listen Up!

    First where are peoples manners? When I am doing business with someone I at least ask them how they are before getting down to

    Second, Time Zones! This is an International Business forum. Expand your mind a little bit and think for 2 seconds someone might have
    added you at 3AM in their morning even though it is still evening for you. Their might be delays in a response.

    Next Moderators and Admins are busy people and guess what? They have a family and a life to. So give the "ASAP" comments a break.

    Business tact is very important and will get you a long allot better than snapping your fingers at people.

    Anyone else have the same experience?

    So for all of you snapping fingers at us...Calm down and learn how to do business.