Time To Play's 2011 Most wanted Toys For Christmas

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    Hey B-Hatters!

    Below is the 2011 Most wanted Toys For Christmas list
    from "Time To Play" magazine. This is the stuff kids are
    begging mom and dad to get them for the holiday.

    And here is the good news . . . All of these toys are
    available on Amazon (I checked it out). So if you
    are an Amazon Affiliate, then get cranking with your
    review pages.

    Here's a video about the Toys:


    And here is the complete list of Most Wanted Toys:

    "Lazer Stunt Chaser"

    "Jakks Pacific Spy Net Stealth Video Glasses"

    "Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game"

    "Hasbro Beyblade Metal Fusion"

    "iStar Entertainment FyrFlyz"

    "Spin Master Redakai"

    "Vtech Innotab"

    "WowWee Lite Sprites"

    "MGA Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll"

    "Cepia DaGeDar"

    "Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site"

    "Hasbro Nerf Vortex"

    "LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer"

    "Lego Nin-ja-go" (note: Remove the hyphens when searching)

    "Lego Alien Conquest"

    "Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks"

    "Mattel Monster High Dead Tired"

    "Mega Brands 3D Breakthrough Puzzle"

    Now get out there and promote! promote! promote!

    Cheers! . . . and best of luck to all!

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