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Time To OWN Panda - TheMatrix Way! - The SAGA!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TheMatrix, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. TheMatrix


    Dec 20, 2008
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    Before you move on, read the the first part http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/419512-mega-post-time-own-panda-thematrix-way.html. Go, do it.!

    Done?! Great! Let's move on now.

    The part 1 of this series was more of a theoretical part or you can say the "why" and "what" part. Now comes the "how" part!

    We will be covering off-site SEO method, tips and tricks here. From the absolute basics, to a little more advanced stuff.

    Anything to do with SEO that isn?t actually on your web pages is off site SEO.

    This usually means backlinks ? those blue underlined links that point back to some other web page.

    Before we go into the methods for obtaining backlinks, here are a few things that apply to near enough all backlinks:

    - The blue underlined text ? anchor text ? is important. As discussed in part 1, you must create a diverse anchor link profile. Google usually uses the anchor text as a clue to the topic of the page being linked to.

    - The authority of the website and the page containing the link is important. Authority, here, means, but is not limited to, domain age, incoming links to domain, incoming links to deep pages, 'value' of content on the page/domain etc.

    - The speed at which you acquire backlinks, technically Link Velocity, affects what Google thinks about your site. If you build 1000 links per day for a brand new site with minimal content, Google will probably turn suspicious.

    - Most backlinks don?t get indexed immediately ? it takes time for Google to find them. Some backlinks don?t get indexed at all.

    Now let's move on to some of the most powerful link building sources/methods.


    Owned by Google, it?s unlikely that they will fall from grace in the search results and you'll almost certainly have noticed that they show up regularly in the search results.

    Make sure that you follow their rules to maximize the chance of your video staying on the YouTube site. So don?t plagiarize other people?s copyrighted videos/music.

    Now, how to make videos, for the lazy-asses

    Depending on your preference, you can use a web cam, your cell phone, the video option on your regular camera or any other kind of video camera to create a video. This can be a "talking head" style of video much like you see on a lot of internet marketing sites.

    Another option is to create a slide show style video. There are sites out there such as Animoto that make this easy to do but to keep to their terms of service you need to keep their logo at the end of the video unless you?ve paid extra to exclude it.

    Desktop programs such as Windows Movie Maker which will create slide show movies for you easily.

    For screen recording, use tools like CamStudio, Jing or Camtasia. These are great if you are doing a tutorial style video.

    YouTube doesn?t allow you to use anchor text in your links. Instead, it turns the web address that you use in your description into a clickable hyperlink.

    I make the start of the description the URL of the page I want to promote, whether it?s my own site or a "feeder" site such as EzineArticles.

    I then add quite a long description. Google (and hence YouTube) do a much better job indexing words than pictures. If you?ve ever searched for a song you?ll probably have noticed that the ones with full lyrics almost always come up higher than the ones without them.

    Tags are also worth including ? they?re just a different name for keywords.

    It?s then a matter of getting views to your video to help it climb up the charts. (Hint: buy some freakin k's of views)

    Article Backlinks

    Despite all the rumours of their death after Panda, article sites are still alive and kicking.

    EzineArticles still sends traffic to my sites on a regular basis. It can also show up well in the results for all but the most competitive keywords.

    If you haven?t reached "Expert Author" status then it?s worth taking the time and effort to achieve this.

    Make sure your first few articles are exceptionally high quality. Get content outsourced if youer English isn?t good.

    Since the Panda update, EZA have got stricter about the quality of articles they?ll accept. Although, that said, they?re typically only checking the quality of your English, not the quality of the information. You are allowed to make factual mistakes, but not grammatical and spelling errors.

    My recent articles are around 500 words in length, which allows up to 5 words to be hyperlinked in the resource box. A lot of members here on BHW (including myself) suggest that you should aim for closer to 1,000 words for best syndication. If you?re buying in articles at $1 per hundred words or whatever it?s probably best to keep to the lower end of the word count. If you?re buying in better quality articles or writing them yourself, it would be worth experimenting with longer articles.

    One other article site I use regularly is ArticlesBase.com.

    Once my article has been accepted by EzineArticles, I?ll copy and paste it into ArticlesBase, taking care to remove any reference to EzineArticles.

    One thing to remember with ArticlesBase is that it tends to get used by a lot of scraper sites and most of those scraper programs offer a tick option to remove the author?s resource box.

    Get over the fact that this will happen.

    But do remember to include a link towards the end of the body of the article ? this almost always stays in and gives you an extra backlink in the process.

    Guest Blogging

    This is HUGE post-Panda!

    Guest blogging involves asking another website owner if they?d like you to create some content for them, often unique to their site. They post it on their site and give you a one-way backlink from the post.

    The trick is to choose the sites you offer guest posts to carefully. You can do this in a number of different ways and if you?ve built up a good reputation with a blog owner from your comments on their blog then that?s probably the best way.

    Next best is to use one of the different services that are out there which aim to match up guest bloggers with blogs who are looking to use them.

    Each one has a different format and it takes time to get to grips with the formats but it can result in a quality backlink from another domain that?s targeting the same topic as you.

    A few guest posting services:

    Here's why guest blogging works: Your article gets published on a high PR blog, with hundreds of thousands of visitors. You get absolutely amazing authority and credibility. And traffic is a freebie, too!

    Blog Commenting

    If you expect I recommend SB here, please skip this section.

    If you are going to comment on other people?s blogs, you should make the comments relate to the post concerned. Which means that you need to read the post and add value to the page.

    One thing you should make sure of while doing blog commenting is don't post only to high PR do-follow blog pages. Your primary aim should be to mix all PR's, follow statuses, blog types (WP, BE etc), post dates etc.

    Social Status

    After Google rolled out Google+, and subsequently Search+ Your World, social presence of a site has gained much, much more weight for search engines (Google). So it's a good idea to have at least a Twitter handle, Google+ page and a FB page for your website. Don't forget to buy some likes and RT's if you're having a hard time getting genuine ones.

    Remember, the more people that syndicate your content (or at least appear to do so), the higher authority your site will gain.

    Image Links

    I think this is almost always under-rated, and neglected. Everyone is building links; article links, directory submissions, blog posts, guest posts, blog comments and what not.! Almost all of those are test anchored links to your site. Would that be really so for a real, authority site? I hardly think so.

    Here's when you should start kicking in some image links to your site. Now, how to get these links.

    Here's how:
    - Buy banner spaces on other related sites (Do not use intermediate services)
    - Create an infographic, and spread it. Other sites will link to you via that infographic
    - Create a viral image, a meme etc, and gain some image links via them
    - Like this http://www.blackhatworld.com

    Checking Backlinks

    In a sense, checking backlinks is like a dieter stepping on the scales at every available opportunity. We know it won?t make any difference but we do it all the same.

    Obviously only Google know the links they?ve found but since they crawl the web regularly, it?s a fairly safe bet that if another service has found a link then so has Google.

    Majestic SEO has a very large database, split into ?Fresh? and "Historic" sections. At the time of writing, their historic index had knowledge of around 3.5 billion urls (a billion is big ? it?s a million million!) and had crawled over a third of a billion of those.




    They haven?t got as big an index as Majestic but (like Majestic) it?s growing on a daily basis.

    You can test out the AHrefs service with 5 of queries without signing up. This number increases when you create an account and increases further if you decide to take up one of their paid options.


    I know I didn't cover "every possible link building tactic" here. But I covered most of it that work now.

    Remember, the idea behind SEO is simple enough: get your site shown in the search results for relevant searches. But, as always, the devil is in the detail.

    It is generally thought that Google takes over 200 different factors into account when it calculates where your site should show up in the search results for any given search query.

    Now, unless you really have no life, it?s unlikely that you?ll focus on every single one of those factors for each of the pages on your website.

    Fortunately, there are a number of SEO factors that are quick to check (and fix if necessary) and which will help a lot.

    I tried to cover a few such critical factors in these 2 parts here!

    Please leave your feedback, questions etc.
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    Your job
    Where you live
    Amazing post, how can I be the first to respond...
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    No idea.. Maybe some people find this too noobish.
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    I would have totally commented if I saw the post earlier! I think it just got buried quickly under a bunch of posts, only 200 views. One tip: People like colors and formatting :) we're children at heart

    You should make Part 2 an update of your post. So many questions flying around about blog commenting, image links, and checking backlinks. I'm sure a lot of people would love your input
  5. ugjunk

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    This is an awesome post. I always felt weird about article marketing. I thought they were dead. Specially Ezine, their has been things flowing around everywhere about ezine being dead. But if you are really getting traffic from ezine that's quite awesome.

    I think the most important aspect of link building these days is utilizing the power of social signals. Google have been very keen on those and they can hugely increase the ranking.

    Great Share !! :)
  6. manny521

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    Sep 15, 2011
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    I agree, social signals can really make a difference...

    Lots a great retweet services on fiverr.com and joshweaver9 has a really good service in the BST section: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...0-great-search-engine-optimization-value.html

    Use them all, try to buy one service a day for the next 30 days and you will see a difference...this is easier on fiverr.com as its only $5 per day, but throw josh's service in there too once or twice as he has some really good authority accounts which help...
  7. afro25

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    Excellent post.

    I haven't had much success with buying likes for facebook and similar sites, do you have any suggestions of good places to try?
  8. TheMatrix


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    Honestly, I have never bought FB likes. I have an authority site in a very popular niche that gets real stuff itself.

    But if I had to suggest anything, go for Tymillz service. I haven't tried it, but mods won't disappoint.
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    Awesome post, I can't understand why more people haven't commented about this. As always, nice shares TheMatrix.
  10. TheMatrix


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    Thanks mate..

    Appreciate it.

    To the top.
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    How do all these guys who provide massive value get BANNED?

    It seems like every month some big gets the boot...

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    some nice tips thanks
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    cool tips
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    I wish there was a way to see why someone got banned - or at least why someone whose been around for as long as Matrix would get banned?
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    This. Excellent post btw TheMatrix
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    Bigbuddy always says the rules are the rules, Member reputation won't matter. However it's not a really a bad thing :). I got 7 days ban because I commented on Bartman post :D. I believe he will be back soon enough.

    I think it will be a gr8 feature to be 2 types or colors of Ban. Like Permanent Banned and Temp Ban.

    However, this was definitely a great post :D. Thnx Matrix