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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by madeye32, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Hello guys ! I am making this thread because I want to share with you what I want to maybe realize in 4-5 months . So...After 1 year of beeing on BHW I learned many stuff about SEO including LINK BUILDING. In this moment I have two websites on the first page of google for different keywords . A 3000 Monthly searches for one site and a 31k monthly searches KW for another. I've done myself the On Page seo and the Link Building ( I guess I am doing pretty well )

    Now...I decided to compete for a spot in the first page of google for Big Niches . I am planning to create a website to sell a clickbank product in the WEIGHT LOSS niche . Last night I made some keyword researches . For this I am using JAAXY.COM and the NICHE FINDER software. After about 10 minutes I found about 8 keywords (all having a total volum of searches of 2 millions), my main keyword has 1 mil searches. . After I found all the keywords in Jaaxy I tested them in the NICHE FINDER to be sure that the keywords are Relatively easy to compete .

    About the website , I will install wordpress and put 1 unique article of 800 Keywords about the Weight Loss Niche. Last night I also bought a domain with the Main Keyword in it so the domain is new . I bought it from godaddy ( a .com domain ).
    I will do the onpage Seo with the a plugin that many of you may know: SEO PRESSOR

    After I create the website and put the article on it I am planning not to build any backlink for 2-3 weeks to it just to see if I can get in top 100 of google without backlinks ( I will just use PING-O-MATIC for pinging the site ).
    After 2-3 weeks I will start the Link Building and see how it goes .

    If you have any experience with This kind of website ( with articles ) please share with me . Any advices are welcome.

    Thanks !
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    If this is very competitive niche - you will not get to top100 without links.

    My advice - mix top keywords with long-tail keywords. It will take a lot of time to get top keywords to top positions, but you've got your long tail keywords, which add some power to your top keywords if done correctly + you can get them ranking faster and make some $$$.
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    Don't get it.
    how its possible to rank by using PING-O-MATIC? No idea.
    Your thinking is great. but I think making some additional posts related to your keywords and then start back linking is great. Because due to not having enough pages / articles Google can create problem.
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    Ya, weight loss and easy don't usually go together. You won't make any money without building links. Content won't be enough unless the competition is nil.
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    I agree with you about going after a competitive Market. Too many times in the past I targeted low comp keywords and while it was easy to rank the payouts were crap. I would suggest spending more energy on adding content. Back links can follow but a one article website hadn't got a chance . Hope it goes well for you and I will check back for updates