Time to be back in the game after a long downtime ?

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    I want to share the experience I am facing and see if some others users have already faced this situation
    In that case, don't hesitate to share or give ur opinion although it didn't happen to you

    Let me explain :

    I had a website on a VPS which in fact was using too much memory, so hoster suspended the account, the site was not really down, but there was a page explaining it had been suspended. The site had good positions in SERP, like a 2nd place for a very competitive keyword and several hundreds of keywords from the long tail also at the top of SERP. After several days with nothing on the website, I lost all my positions.

    After 2 months down, I found a solution with the hoster so the site is back up since 6 weeks now.

    Although I get some little traffic from big G, I am not back on my main keyword and the others competitives, thes one which drove the most of the traffic, the site is not even in top 120 for the main keyword.

    2 days ago, I fixed an issue because I saw that site was like duplicated on several subdomaines, such as ww.w or mail. etc
    I haven't any messages in GWT, I continue to create some fresh and trusted links since the site is back but no way to get back in the game.
    Also important thing, I am 99% sure site hasn't been targerted by Penguin.

    According to you, how long will it take to get back in the game ?
    Is there any chance I never get back due to the downtime ? In that case, what to do ? 301 ?
    After how much time I have to start to panic ?

    Thanks in advance buddies.