Time, Most Important Part Of SEO?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xPWN1t, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Well here's what I've experienced so far. I have 6 pretty large niche site. The one in the biggest niche is the only one I have ranking well (number 6 on a 33,000 exact a month keyword). I did the least backlink building to this one. Here's why I think this one ranks so well. When I first set up my sites they weren't meant for me to SEO so I never put my keywords in the title.

    Obviously when I started doing SEO I updated them all, but since my now well ranking one had the keyword in it's actual name, it always had the keyword in the title. It was up for 4 - 6 months and with no backlinking it's at spot 6. I'm guessing since no one did on page seo for my other high searched keyword, all I need to do is leave some of my sites for a few months. I'm sure backlinking will speed up the proccess though.
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    I wouldn't read into it that much. You can't compare results against different keywords no matter how much you think you can infer about them. The keyword you're ranked 6 for with less linking is just less competitive, which is a good find. If you're going to be in the business of building niche sites, you're just going to have to get used to not being able to predict which ones work out and which don't. They key is to get the most out of the ones that do.