TIME LIMITED: domain name for a blackhat campaign for the Blockbuster aff program

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by bl4ck1ce, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Found something tonight... I've got way too much on my plate right now to take on yet another project.. so I thought I'd pass this along to you guys, in the hopes that someone could use it. Just to say up front, I'm not selling this, I just found it... I have bought domains from this seller before, and had no problems.

    The domain name is BlockbusterLoyalty.com. It's currently on ebay, item number 270354719188. Has less than 13 hours remaining, and is perfect for an offline marketing campaign that uses a blanked referer. The domain expires in about a week, but that shouldn't deter any competent blackhatter because they would know how to turn a profit on this rather quickly.. Anyone who does offline marketing and has seen an actual Blockbuster mailer should be getting ideas already..

    I hope this helps someone. Keep me posted, I'm happy to share the ideas I have for how to monetize this! :cool: