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Throwing in the SEO towel

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Windmill, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Windmill

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    May 4, 2011
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    So I am throwing in the SEO towel - to an extent ;)

    I have always looked at the SEO world as a career as an incredibly volatile career. Not only is there the constant threat from Google; but there is also a constant threat of Google becoming super-ceded by something. In the fast-changing world of technology it is bound to happen. It may take 20 years, it may take just 10, but communication as we know it could very much change.

    So you know what? I've been looking for a more sustainable client model. On-going SEO is incredibly lucrative; but to me, it is unsustainable health-wise. You ARE in a constant game with Google when you have a low-value small business website and you can only do minimal work. And when the website tanks; guess whose neck is on the line? YOURS. Yeah you can cut your losses if you have a thick enough skin; but for me, the stress of that is too much.

    So I've decided something; no more link building for clients unless they specifically know the risks of taking me onboard - and I'm only going to do this for businesses I REALLY want to help. That is it; no more. And I'm going to charge plenty for this service and make NO promises, ever. Instead, I'm going to move towards using my skills for building up my OWN products/services and focus entirely on on-page optimization during the website creation process. I will also offer Google Adwords services because that is also low-stress. I'm also going to work towards quitting my IM day-job and go more into business-business. I am definitely not going to work for a company that relies on its Google presence any more!

    So there we go. I've chucked in the towel. Others can take my lost business if they so choose :D ;)