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    I was responding to a post on here by a member and before I could post my response the thread was closed...(I type really slow...LOL) anyways hate to waste all that hunt and pecking so here it is... Hope it helps


    jmaster....I'm sorry to hear the predicament you're in. If you have a good resume' of skills then there is a ton of work out there for you if you are willing to do it. At the risk of sounding ugly or uncaring I think it is naive of you to think that you will make 10k a month off of internet marketing.

    I don't remember where I read this statistic but making 10k a month would put you in the top 1% of internet marketers. I'm not saying it can't be done but the odds are stacked against you.

    Now for the good news if you can code, install and tweak scripts or even do some graphic arts work you can make a good living. Most people in this particular for are looking for cheap labor, this is because most know where to outsource at the best prices. If you go outside IM forums to see your services you can make a lot of money.

    Here is an example (actual) of one of our clients.

    They were on scriptlance looking for someone to bookmark their site. Now, they really didn't know exactly what they wanted done, they just knew that they needed backlinks and want to get more traffic to their site. They had a $200 a month budget for 2 months. We have gone past the two months :)

    Without going into great detail we set up a program for them where we would be using senuke (I also use traffic kauna, and some other article submission services for our own stuff) to submit content to the social network and then bookmark their site and the the submitted content.

    The first thing I did was take their keywords and looked for an article to be rewritten. Once we found that we had it rewritten. The we had that article rewritten 2 more times.

    This gives us what I like to call the start of a content document. This document will end up with the following info on it:

    ** Seed article (article + 2 rewrites in the senuke spinnable format)
    ** Titles in the spinnable format
    ** URLs to be bookmarked
    ** Tags
    ** Resource boxes
    ** Spinnable version of the description for the bookmarking tool

    This document cost us about $25. (this includes outsourcing the writing work plus editing)

    We created 2 of these per month for this client.

    Next we had these submitted the content to the social networking sites in SENuke (cost about $24 for both articles - takes about 3 hrs x $4/hour outsourced)

    The next is to bookmark the clients site plus the urls from the social networking submission. This takes about 20 minutes for each bookmarking session - we bookmarked 10 times - total cost at $4/hr about $13.

    All of this work is outsourced except the editing...we edit inhouse for quality control purposes. Total man hours for a project like this is about 8 hours per month once you get the system down.

    Below is a copy of the email we received from the client after we sent the bill for January's service.

    "Great Work,

    I can see ranking improvements for these keywords. I sent the payments.
    Frankly, since you know the product and competitors whats your frank opinion on the features ?

    I hope you realized the product has some very unique features like duplicate removal and backup over WAN.

    For this month. We have a new beta coming along with a new website (with friendly URLs and all).
    I will like to resume link building services after this site is launched (expected Feb 15th).

    Meanwhile, can you work on -

    1. Suggestions for Website SEO (how can we change title, meta information to best suit the keywords)
    2. You can start writing articles on whats new in this release. We would post these articles after new website is ready. The new major features include -

    (deleted to protect the clients interest)

    3. If you would like, you can setup the product for your organization. I can help you get some free licenses.

    With this new content and SEO suggestions. Please let me know what would be your charges for February."

    This client will now start to pay us consulting work as can see that if you provide a good service the business will come.

    jmaster....I would suggest you start to think a little differently. If you have a good skillset you can build a very profitable business selling the skills to others who need them.

    Hell look at this many people are looking for some sort of program or service.

    I doubt anyone will give you their blackhat techniques but there more to this forum than just blackhat stuff.

    One last thing before I shutup....we also manage some pay per click campaigns for clients. These are a bit more profitable if you know what you are doing. Our typical charge is 2k to set it up and then $400 a month to manage it. The last client we took on more the doubled the number of optin leads he got for the same amount of money.

    Take the skills you learned trying to sell crap on the internet and turn them into a business.

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    awesome post... seo is not at all complicated if you know what to do. The whole web 2.0 linking strategy is as fascinating as it is easy.