Thongs[CPA Technique Revealed]

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    I can't really classify the color(black or white) of this technique but it did work for me when I was using **************. Ok, I won't talk too much, let's get to business.

    First of all, go find some pictures of hot chicks wearing thongs. Make sure the chicks are HOT. I suggest you try to get some where the picture is focused on the thongs itself. 4-5 pictures will do.

    Now, setup a landing page with thong in its name. For example, "thong giveaways" or "sexy thongs for you", get the idea? Now, make the website look a bit girly, for example, change the background color to pink. Then post the pictures you found in step one on the landing page. Make sure the page looks legit.

    Just write some shit about a thong giveaway, write about 250 words. Make sure the person is convinced. Then put your lead and tell them to complete the form to receive their free thong by mail in 3-5 business days.

    Just send traffic to the site and you are good to go.