This Whole Making Money Online Thing Is Too Hard!!!

Good post, tnx. One question thou: When you're first starting out how much are you doing trial and error or just learning more so you avoid the error in the first place.
I think the problem is that most people on here claiming to make big bucks and finding it "easy" to get rich are full of sh*t, and it sets unrealistic expectations for people new to IM. This forum is definitely better than WF in that respect, but it is still fairly tiresome to read endless pages of ego boosting drivel from some people, when they are probably living in a trailer with their dog, and their girlfriend is their right hand.

I'll be the first to admit I only earn a modest amount from IM, but I attended a ClickBank conference a few years ago, and was introduced to some of the very high earners. They were all incredibly discreet and modest, but one thing that struck me was the massive amount of hard work they had put into it. Some of them were working 70+ hour weeks.

So to be honest, whenever I hear someone claiming that getting rich online is "easy", I think you need to get out of your trailer and get some fresh air.
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