This Whole Making Money Online Thing Is Too Hard!!!

Exactly. Like you said its only hard at first and then it gets pretty easy.
I think it's important to note that anything worth doing is hard. What happens is a lot of people including myself go into it thinking the can make all this money and not have to do much. Ounce again anything worth doing is hard, is this worth doing? Hell yeah! Is it hard? Yeah like anything else at first, but then it gets easier. It also depends on what exactly ur trying to do and of course your budget and tools. If you stick to it, and take it serious ull be fine.
I guess we were all there in some form when we first started out. I would love to go back 15 years with the knowledge I have now.
Yep, this is me in a nutshell. I actually set up a small website with original content and a clickbank product and 3 days later wondered why my website wasn't appearing in the first few pages of G - search lol.... I am a little bit better informed and am in the process of selling my own offline business and looking to work a maximum of 16 hours per week in paid employment to cover my expenses while I devote the rest of my time to building an online income.
I guess that's something personal going on lol..
Took me several failed attempts, but you will always find something. Kinda similar to dating stuck-up, spoiled, self-entitled women - you might not get in their pants, but you will eventually score one day!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
I am 100% agree with OP, making money in internet it is hard only in beginning and it is take time to learn how actually all this work, I would advice for beginners not to search for easy or churn and burn methods, things on this methods change very fast and you should know how fast build and drive traffic to it. In state start website with good content about something you know good about, so you can write yourself without spending money, implement traffic methods shared here, check good seo lists shared here, submit your site, create back links. You will start to make money and you will learn a lot on the way.

Slowly you will understand how things work and will lough how stupid you was working 5-6 days a week for someone with low salary.
I disagree 50% with your first part. I've found so many easy ways to make money that it seemed like no one else was doing. Well people might have been doing it just not on any real level of success.
Just remember if anything is easy and making money, people are already doing it, if something is hard and make 100x times more the money, most people give up doing it
Yes, learn, learn, learn but you definitely have to get to a point where you step out and take consistent action.
It makes total sense. In my opinion, it's all about research. Learn, learn and learn before you even think of spending money on a technique.
Excellent points, I think the other thing is that people think it's instant. That you just go online do a few things and instantly start bringing in a couple of hundred bucks a week, when in reality it is a business. You have to get rid of the mentality of oh I'll just buy a domain and put something on there and it is gonna make me money. Like all business you have to work at it and build it up invest time and money in it and always keep expanding and not just stop once the first check comes.

That was my initial problem starting out long ago, reading threads of how to make $XXX in a week! Then doing it and not actually putting any investment in it other than getting the site up.

I completely agree with you. People need to go into anything not expecting to be instantly rich. One thing that works for someone else does not always mean that it will work for you too. At times it can be A LOT of trial and error. Just cant give up.
To paraphrase Sir Amschel Rothschild, "Give me traffic, and I care not what website it goes to."

If you can get any traffic, you can succeed. But that depends on your marketing skills. Many don't have any.
Man , its hard being a newbie . Maybe i will walk on your footsteps on day
Most of IMarketers including myself always look for easy solution to make money online. And most of us would fail, and we keep trying different things, that would still go no where.
Lesson I learn is to develop skills and find ways to create values for others and make money from it. Tools are welcome but mind you shortcut can only get you this far.
Best of luck!
Learning is the solution to every problem, if there is a problem an idea is missing :D.

Thank you for sharing, I read some of your posts, which I found to be very interesting.
Excellent points, online money making thing is always a trail and error method, well said cburton81.
Any business where you are going for slim margins with HUGE competition is going to be very hard. In fact, impossible to make a good living from. You might scrape by at best.
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