This Whole Making Money Online Thing Is Too Hard!!!

Well said. Trial and error until you find what works. So many success stories on the internet were only because those people never gave up after so many failures. They just kept learning more and more and every test was just another step closure to success.
Most people I've talked to that haven't made it yet and are very capable, are simply lacking the right amount of funds to kick-start things in a positive direction. Other then those people, I totally agree because I once was one of those over thinkers. I also had a problem with not taking action because I was afraid of messing things up. I've learnt that, that's all a part of finding what works. Trail and error = success!
It seems that's a common problem on the internet. It's because there's no real accountability and people just slack off and then wonder why nothing seems to work. The people who I find are the most successful online are the ones that actually treat it like a real business, the same as if they were opening a brick and mortar shop in there town. You have to take it seriously or just forget trying to make it full time.
I find myself fully capable of banking hard online, but I am a lazy person who is easily distracted by other things :(
Great input Oscarthedog, if you only offer products and services that actually work you will never go wrong and you will build lasting relationships.
I know that this was not your intention, but most people who get into IM don't want to be scam artists. Me, for example, I don't want to offer a crappy product and sell it over and over to unwitting newbies with Big Dreams. Maybe I am naive. I believe the recommendation of reverse engineering a crappy product is not your intention, but applying those reverse engineered principles to a product or service of value will help a newbie build a successful long term business that "keeps on growing."
I think it's important to note that anything worth doing is hard. What happens is a lot of people including myself go into it thinking the can make all this money and not have to do much. Ounce again anything worth doing is hard, is this worth doing? Hell yeah! Is it hard? Yeah like anything else at first, but then it gets easier. It also depends on what exactly ur trying to do and of course your budget and tools. If you stick to it, and take it serious ull be fine.
A little tip that helps me is I have a big white board in front of my desk and I mark down each step I want to get accomplished for the day.
Lol, this is exactly my issue. So many good ideas that would make a bank but laziness gets the best of me. Thankfully I have something very passive coming up :p
No offense taken and good comment.:cool: Your exactly right and making it in this business usually comes down to which side of the equation your on.:why: Of course I do think people should at least offer information, services or softwares that are valuable and are actually beneficial to what they are about.
I have to say something that may sound offensive but I really don't mean to offend you OP. I'm just adding another dimension to what you wrote.

cBurton81 took one of the most common, basic, generic, overused & rehashed marketing principals in the world..... then repackaged and resold it to all of us in this thread. And whether we realize it or not, we ALL paid for it with our time. Just by reading his post and thanking him.

He was able to add his own, personal, new twist to an old idea because he is passionate about it.

And the truth is, as basic as it is to reverse engineer someone.... it's one of the most effective and profitable ways to make money.

I've always said, and will continue to say that marketing is 90% psychology & 10% technology. Before the internet ever existed, all the smart direct mail guys were just reverse engineering what successful people were doing and adding their own little twists.

It truly shatters your paradigm when you realize how easy it is to actually sell an idea to someone. Cause that's what marketers do. We don't sell products or services. We always sell stories and ideas first then bundle the services & products second.

It really is the most basic of human psychology. If a person trusts you, they will buy from you. And trust isn't built on words. It's built on the passion behind the words. The "nonverbals". It's not the words you read or hear its the overall message and how it makes you FEEL. And if a person trusts you enough, if you make them FEEL "right"... you can sell them a gift wrapped box of horseshit for $747.

Charles Manson was a salesman. As crazy as that mfkr was he had so much passion and enthusiasm he was able to sell murder to a bunch of tree hugging hippies. Jimmy Jones was able to sell gallons of cyanide laced kool aid to 913 people. These weren't stupid people either. Many who drank that kool aid very intelligent people. Warren Jeffs was able to sell child rape and molestation to god knows how many parents. Even now in prison with his all his convictions there is still a small society of 10,000 people who worship him. Then there's Joel Olsteen which I won't even get into.

Look at the vitamin industry. I get a raging rock hard boner thanks to vitamins. Not cause I take them. I just look at all the idiots buying this shit. There are millions of people buying vitamin d, krill oil, salmon oil, red rice yeast, coenzyme 10, etc etc. It is un-fucking believable how many people buy into this shit. There are people out there who keep BOXES of these vitamins in their home. I know cause my mother is one of those crazy fuckers (love you mom). I swear to god you could sell powdered octopus vagina to people if you were excited enough about it.

I can go forever but I know I'm gonna start offending some people. Good thread OP. :)

Well said. It's just like riding a bike. At first it seemed impossible to keep those darn 2 wheels to stay vertical but then all of a sudden you started getting the hang of it and before long your popping wheelies all over the place.
Everything is not easy from the beginning. You have to try your best, work hard and research frequently to find out the final way to success.
I must admit that I was one of the idiots that thought if I simply threw up a website, somehow $ would magically appear in my bank account. Boy, did I find out the hard way. It's funny though, I actually used to co-own a restaurant from '07-'10, but due to health problems I had to sell out. After paying hospital bills, I wasn't left with much. But, I'm determined to make a living with IM, simply because I don't have any desire to go back to a 9-5,

Yep, this is me in a nutshell. I actually set up a small website with original content and a clickbank product and 3 days later wondered why my website wasn't appearing in the first few pages of G - search lol.... I am a little bit better informed and am in the process of selling my own offline business and looking to work a maximum of 16 hours per week in paid employment to cover my expenses while I devote the rest of my time to building an online income.
Took me several failed attempts, but you will always find something. Kinda similar to dating stuck-up, spoiled, self-entitled women - you might not get in their pants, but you will eventually score one day!
Yeah I agree. It's really about not giving up when things are working. It just takes tweaking and testing and then scaling, then repeat and grow. I was lucky enough to start making money online back in the late 90's when it was as easy as posting some ads on ffa (free for all) sites which all they were was a site that had links that scrolled down the page. As soon as your ad rolled off the page you resubmit. Back then people didn't use paypal so I was getting money orders and checks in the mail.
Great post man. Personally, I think making money online is one of the easiest things on earth. It's mindbogglingly simple:

traffic + offer = cash. If you're not making any money, one of those two things is off.
So much easier, especially for beginners. It's still simple but back then it was a free for all.
Yeah things were way easier in the past, even to get a Google Adwords campaign running was simple, and within 5 to 10 min. you got your first orders. Much have changed since then and as usual in business, only the strongest survive, that's nature.
I am 100% agree with OP, making money in internet it is hard only in beginning and it is take time to learn how actually all this work, I would advice for beginners not to search for easy or churn and burn methods, things on this methods change very fast and you should know how fast build and drive traffic to it. In state start website with good content about something you know good about, so you can write yourself without spending money, implement traffic methods shared here, check good seo lists shared here, submit your site, create back links. You will start to make money and you will learn a lot on the way.

Slowly you will understand how things work and will lough how stupid you was working 5-6 days a week for someone with low salary.
Just remember if anything is easy and making money, people are already doing it, if something is hard and make 100x times more the money, most people give up doing it
It makes total sense. In my opinion, it's all about research. Learn, learn and learn before you even think of spending money on a technique.
Thanks. I learned along time ago that you need to start spending your time where the guys that are actually "doing it" are. We need to learn and imitate success and quit hanging out and talking with all of the tire kickers.
Nice post, OP. We can learn a lot by analyzing what other people are doing, but we don't notice it much. Sometimes we go to check some review sites, sometimes we search for some specific products, and all the times we needed someone else's opinion on how a product is. :)
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