This Vicious work cycle. I KNOW there is a way out.

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    This website gives me hope. Knowing there is a way out. I work 6 days out the week 10 hour shifts to support my family. Sunday's are my days off.
    Even then my job calls every now and then begging me to come in. I use Sundays to spend time with my wife and daughter. Then I hop on here and research. Time fly's when you really get into reading on here. 4 to 5 hours will have gone by and the day is almost done. I'm always on here searching. Searching for a way out. Trying to fill my mind with knowledge. To get out this modern day slavery. Reading these journey threads especially give me motivation. I get home each day from work and try to research but i'm so exhausted that I pass out and then have to wake up to the vicious work cycle each and every day. It's torture and it's just not what I consider "Living". Been trying to learn about Amazon Niche websites. I have finally took action and have created the website. Just struggling to get the content on it. Trying to write it myself after work is so difficult. I'm so exhausted I can even think. But I push myself. Knowing slowly and gradually I'm working towards something. Just wish I could speed it up. I want to thank this forum for giving me hope. And People like Hekke, Bucketbot, berkay1907 and others for reaching out to me. Giving me direction through their threads. I know this was a long paragraph. Sorry about that and thanks for reading.
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    Negative Options aka Rebills!
    Exploiting Loopholes!
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    Want the easiest way out?

    Build a business around people or business's needs. Either provide the solution yourself or "broker it" (be the middleman) and bank.

    Charge a premium once you grow and you will see the money roll in.

    How to show your solution to people or companies? Either show it massively by advertising or get exposure through ways like seo, forums etc OR simple start calling companies and you will be amazed at how they handle the solution!

    Do the job perfectly and you will start getting references.

    The sky is the limit, baby!

    Good luck.
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    Persistence is really the key. Even when you don't see success early on, keep going. I've made the mistake many times venturing into different methods and lost lots of money not being able to stay focused long enough. Amazon niche sites are definitely really profitable, and if you've done your homework, you'll walk away some day with enough cash to build much bigger!
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    yeah amazing thread mate