This SEO newb wants to add SEO services to their web design/dev. business

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Demontestes, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Hi all.

    I am an SEO newb, who's overwhelmed by all the SEO knowledge that is out. It is getting hard for me to differentiate what is still valuable in 2015 and what isn't, so I've signed up to this forum and asking for your knowledge!

    I have been freelancing for a little while now, doing design and development work, but I would really like to add marketing/branding to my business. One way is with SEO. What I would like is for anyone to point me in the right direction, whether you know of any courses, software or any great threads on this forum.

    Also, I read a thread not long ago about a method in which someone was offering local businesses landing pages that they would rank using BudgetRank. This is also I method I am interested in implementing, but that was an old thread and I can't find anything on BudgetRank. Is there an alternative?
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    You can learn the basics of SEO online but to get more advanced you have to experiment with a website yourself.

    Check out the marketplace for some providers and outsource to them, but I would recommend getting the basics down first.
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    A lot of the non spammy things from the past posted on here work. Like writing a thousand of terrible spunned articles would be bad. But I was able to not get dinged for writing proper English grammar spun articles, I sometimes think half of the forum posts are spinning robots. Its amazing what just very basic stuff can do. As an example, I have IFTTT posting to somewhere whenever I post somewhere else, and it just triggers a bunch of things posting all over the place. And over time I rank for those things on different sites that all lead back to me.

    Experiment using a couple of different sites to see what happens. Like you have a site about soap, site about cars, site about a video game and play around with what you do. Spam one of them to death without looking like spam and see if it gets hit after a few months. Make one site only going whitehat and see what happens.

    I don't put much effort into it anymore, but my silo test site gets interesting hits for doing nothing besides posting a blog every few months.