This scammer is back... Selling modified CPAGreed to people on DP

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May 3, 2008
This is the worst scammer I have even seen on DP,

Have a look here


He sells the methods which are available on the BHW....Also, he even copied the cpagreed....

So, lets trash that bastards thread :D
How come reviews are always positive there? I'd love someone to come back and review:
"Don't buy, got all this information for free on BHW"
It looks like someone called "masterleader" on DP has caught his some of his points..Lets see what happens....
@forgot - Posted in the Member Downloads, because..... ?

I am really sorry that I have posted it here, it was by mistake... Again, I am really sorry for this...

Mods, Please move it to appropriate forum....
well , i know a friend who got it! ok method, bit saturated though.. i rmemeber reading somehwre no talk allowed of it here!
the link posted by the OP has nothing to do with cpa greed.

i can confirm that.
it has a copyright to it ...

Just so you know, ideas and methods are not protected by international copyright laws. Only the expression of those ideas, i.e. the exact language used to describe the idea or method, is protected.

Think of it as a recipe. Recipes are not protected, but the exact language used to communicate them is.
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