this might help you save $$$$ on your cellphone bill!

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    hey just something i thought of the other day that will work.
    if you have unlimited home phone (which you can get pretty cheap, vonage etc) they normally have a call forwarding feature.

    alot of cell phone companies now have a feature where you get to call 5 or 10 (AT&T is 10) numbers unlimited. they call this your "circle" or "VIP" i called AT&T and they said they have "VIP" and all i had to do was ask to have it turned on and it was free. unsure if this applies for single lines, maybe you get 5 for single. i got 10 with my family plan.

    So what you do is have your home phone forward to your cellphone, add homephone to VIP list, give people your home phone number, and boom, unlimited minutes so to speak ;)

    hit the thanks if this helped, if u want!
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