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    I had an experience that I must share. I work as an SEO for an online adult shop. The business is struggling for various reason, mainly no repeat customers and low margin on stock ect... That's beside the point. As a desperate last measure, the bloke that owns it called in an 'SEO expert'. I'll try to remember some of the things that were discussed off the top of my head.

    He said he was good at SEO because he ranked a YouTube video for the term 'content conversion page'. I didn't have added to keyword planner but you can take a guess at how difficult that keyword is to rank for.

    He went on and on and on about meta titles, descriptions and how meta keywords will now get you a penalty... He said "using meta keywords is now a negative to Google".

    here are some other delightful quotes from this guru:

    "I only get my importation from Google"

    "People are doing some crazy things, like siloing websites and all that, its just stupid."

    I'll try think of some more gems that he taught me. Has anyone else had an experience with one of these gurus? and how did you deal with it?