This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

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    I probably have 50 years left on this earth, I have already lived 25 years and in that time I've learned a lot, I've failed at most things I've tried and become great at analysing why things are so messed up, like a lot of you night after night I jump online and search for an answer or reason, a method, a workaround, a quick fix solution to any problem I may have, we're all looking for that easy pill that will instantly fix this problem of ours.

    The lust for money is strong in us, we see it all around us, people who have millions, tens of millions or even billions in currency and we want that, it seems plausible and sometimes even easy to get that million, I've read think and grow rich, I've watched endless amounts of marketing material, I read forums, I read blogs, everywhere around me it seems people are making me and I feel like I've been locked outside and not invited to the party.

    Today is the date that my life will change, 2011 is going to be the year I will fully commit to making this work, I'm a 25 year old bum who either way I cut it lives off the back of mom and dad, this year I am going to make it happen, I've had my time, I've hit that point where it's just to painful not to make this happen.

    I have my battle plan laid out, already got a site up with 200+ product reviews, already getting targeted traffic but man the scale I am taking this site to and the commitment level to make sure I rank for every damn possible keyword in this niche is unbelievable, I'm a strong believer that if you just put in so much work that it's going to be impossible for you not to get some form of result, think about it, if you have 10,000 pages of unique content online do you not think you will get SOME form of result?

    I have never worked a traditional job in my life, since as far back as I can remember I have always wanted 2 things, 1) my own internet business and 2) to travel around the world, right now I'm the biggest loser I know, I've achieved less than most people I know but rather than that being my downfall it gives me the sheer kick in the guts I needed to push myself to the limit.

    The given "I can't make money online no matter what I do, it's impossible" is actually just the default response from my mind being LAZY.....

    Tell me you can't afford to buy hosting.

    Tell me you'll start tomorrow because you have to watch an entire series of dexter.

    Tell me your family is sick.

    Tell me your dog just died.

    Tell me you need more sleep.

    Tell me your not motivated.

    Tell me it's just not the right time.

    Tell me your twitter project failed.

    Tell me your mother and father think you'll never amount to anything.

    Tell me a job is the right option.

    Tell me there's no point because Google hates XYZ now.

    Tell me you're to young.

    Tell me you're to old.

    Tell me you can't spell.

    Tell me your grammar sucks.

    Tell me it's 5:07am and your typing a long message after a night of insomnia due to pepsi overdose.

    Tell me it's impossible.

    Tell me you don't have Microsoft word on this computer.

    Tell me your internet keeps cutting off.

    Tell me you can't do it because XYZ told you to give up that dream.

    Tell me I should be realistic.

    Tell me you're comfortable.

    Tell me you can't put together 1 article of 500 words length.

    Tell me ezine articles isn't working.

    Tell me you list of backlinks is outdated.

    Tell me you don't even know where to start.

    BUT DON'T tell me you can't make money online.

    No matter where you are in life RIGHT NOW if you are not where you want to be you need to put in more effort, 2011 may be your final shot, project yourself to being a 75 year old man/women sitting in your favourite chair, when you reflect back on your life and think about how much time you wasted during your life, time that you will never get back, time that you could of used to make a huge difference in this world, think about it and feel the pain of being a man/women who only then realises they could of done something but squandered the opportunity.

    Decide now that your not going to take this any more, decide now that your not going to make 2011 the same as the previous years, decide now that when it's counting down to 2012 you can honestly say you give it your all but don't look back and regret not trying!

    I'm going to commit to myself right now that I'm going to break my reality and rebuild it as I see fit, this is it for me, it has to happen now.

    If you want to make it this year do not click the X on your window, don't hit the back button, don't switch on the TV, don't load up MSN or Facebook, don't even take another sip of that drink on your desk before you take some action on the project you have decided you are going to work on for the entirety of 2011.

    I DARE you to commit, I DARE you to have the guts to prove everyone wrong that has ever said ?When are you going to get a real job??, I DARE you to do so much work RIGHT NOW that you fall asleep at your keyboard, I DARE you to post a reply to this thread on the 31st of December 2011 telling me you give it your all, telling me you got no results at all, telling me you worked for one entire year on a single project and you got no results at all, I DARE YOU.

    I DARE you to convince yourself this thread was a waste of reading time but most of all.......

    I DARE you not to even try, to be that 75 year old man/women who read this thread, clicked off the window and went to watch the new episode of your favourite TV show, to give all those doubters the fuel they need to take down your self esteem, to not even throw up one damn page with some type of offer on it, to not even attempt, to give up at the first sign of the project not working, to move on to another method because ?this one doesn't work any more?.

    I DARE you to make 2011 the year that old man/women remembers as the year things finally changed.

    The simple fact is, when you make that first dollar online it's going to the best thing that ever happened to you, I DARE YOU, YES YOU reading this message right now to imagine how utterly horrible you will feel being that old man that never achieved his dreams because he left this thread without making the tiniest of commitments.

    "It's Not Until We've Lost Everything That We're Free to Do Anything"
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    Wow, man. Took the time to real all, good luck bro! Sounds like you need it.
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    Well I've made $4 in the first day of 2011 so this can count as a good start. I DARE YOU to make a few bucks online in the first days of this year and then gain self-confidence and perseverance for making lots more $$$$.
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    The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.
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    Well said. I needed a wake up call, and I think that did it. GL to you in 2011.
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    Very very good post!

    Nice to see some motivational posts to start the year off well.. Let's just hope this motivation continues into the coming months and beyond.

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    That is very true . . . It reminds me of a saying I once read and never forgot:
    Now go and get your piece of the pie before it is too late. When you are old and can barely do anything any more, your biggest regrets will not be for the things you DID do, but rather for the things you did NOT do.

    Cheers! - "Wiz"
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    I know a bunch of really smart people who are flat broke. I know a few fairly smart people who are multimillionaires. The only difference between the two is that some people think and study while others work their asses off.

    Rather than make assumptions about how a project might go, the rich ones take a good prospect and give it a test. some lose money, some break even and some make a killing.

    I think "Take Action" is the overall theme of your post and it is correct. A bad project, with set limits on losses, is a great investment VS a brilliant plan never executed.

    Out with the bad - in with the good. The proof can only be found through practicing your methods. You will never find a true money making method for free or purchase that is not extinct/near extinct, because no working method is ever exposed. The methods you see free or for sale are basically made public as they are dying and by making them public their death is accelerated. Those methods are usually tied to a specific product that can be monetized only by the revealer.

    Read everything! There are seeds of true methods in responses given in various threads here and other places. While you may not be getting a method, the random comment can really save you some grief and turn you a profit if you just listen.

    Finally, Don't post stupid questions. Do your research. Search for your answer and only ask a question when you have exhausted those resources. You will get a much warmer response from the fine members of this forum.
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    You can never guess!
    One year of membership in BHW. Never thanked to anybody here. And giving advices.

    Full of contradictions.
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    For all the motivators raising up these days: learn copywriting and use your writing skill to make some money :D
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    This is definitely the best thread I have read since joining in March last year. I get it all the time, minimum wage middle class working families putting me down because I'm working smarter instead of always working harder. Most of them never even passed their 3rd year at high school and they think they have the rights to criticise my goals, dreams and desires? I've been working at my goals non-stop for the last 4 years straight and even though sometimes these people get me down, it's things like you mentioned in the OP that keep me going. We were all put on this planet for a purpose, everyone has their own meaning for life, I have figured out that by getting through these 4 years I have become alot stronger because I am still pursuing my goals 4 years later despite repeated attacks on what I'm doing. The OP just reinforced this for me, this is something I want to print out and keep in my wallet, and look at it in 2 years time when I graduate and say that I can do anything if I managed to get through the previous 6 years of hard work, testing times, constant barraging. And while I am looking at this post written on my piece of paper, I will be smiling widely not only because I made it in the end, but because the same people that criticised and put me down at the beginning are still stuck in their hole while I'm the one laughing at them.
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    working for myself
    in a cave with WiFi
    It ultimately comes to the character of each individual, hard working persons will achieve success and this thread is aimed to those who are not decided yet or motivated. It is a great thing if you managed with this thread to direct only one guy on the right track.
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    Work smart, not hard.
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    Great Read. I think this should be a sticky in the money making section. I think a lot of people on this forum, or hell even in this world should read this.

    I heard someone say, can't remember who, but they said they did not have any new year resolutions, because they live their life to the fullest. They never have anything to change at new years, because when it needs changed, they change it.

    I really try hard to live my life that way. Anyways, this is a great post, my hat is off to you, and if you need help with anything you can shoot me a pm.
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    Yep, sticky sounds a good plan, I didn't need motivating but still I'm happy I read it, nicely titled too.
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    He who laughs last, laughs longest.
    This is a great thread, very motivational, and reading it actually reminds me of myself. I waste a lot of time and I really need to change this. I lol'ed at the pepsi overdose but this bit here:
    caught my attention and made me think the most. I'm not too sure in what way you meant this when you wrote "that old man/women", but I thought of my parents. I've got a lot to change and that's my goal. Let 2011 be a better year! Good Luck to all with thanks to the OP.
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    As can clearly be seen I'm kind of new around here, and I stumble into to this?


    This is the kind of stuff that makes one feel like finally! I've found somewhere I can settle in.

    I know there's a button for this but... Thanks

    2011 No excuses. None! NONE!!
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    Very nice post! Almost the same thoughts like me :)
    Perfect mindset to make it happen. Always keep in mind: "There's no luck in life...there's only cause and effect"
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    I love reading motivational threads like these.
    Well this year, I want to start up my CPA business. I'm gonna work everyday on it until I become rich off my company. I wish you luck in your projects, and happy new year.
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    Almost done :D
    As we grow up,
    we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down...
    probably will.
    You will have your heart broken
    probably more than once
    and it's harder every time.
    You'll break hearts too,
    so remember how it felt when yours was broken.
    You'll fight with your best friend.
    You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
    You'll cry because time is passing too fast
    and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
    So take too many pictures,
    laugh too much,
    and love like you have never been hurt
    because every sixty seconds you spend upset
    is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
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