This is why you are not making any money

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    I have a very very simple answer to this question. YOU ARE TOO LAZY! Yes, you are, don't lie to yourself, you are lazy. I don't know what causes this laziness of yours, maybe you don't like money, though that sounds really weird. Who doesn't like money, really?

    I have so many real life examples to give you. There are some big personalities that suffer from the same diseases: laziness. Here are some that I spotted.

    1. The guy that always asks "will this work?"
    That guy will never make money because he is always seeking for a risk-free method of making money and he is too lazy to even try it for himself and see whether it works or not. He always waits for reviews from other members. I tell you one thing guys, there are many powerful members on this forum, Jr Vips and so on and whenever a new method is published on this forum they will post "I tried this, it doesn't work" so that you will say "oh okay, I won't try this". This way they keeping the method clean and rake in cash.

    2. The guy that wants to be spoon feed.
    Yeah, this is a lazy bastard too. He is just too lazy to even search on the forum. Instead he is looking for someone who has the time and patience to coach him for free, like assisting him at the every step of a method.

    Guys, I don't want to sound rude with this post. I also started with "paid to click" sites and so on but in all those years I learned and learned. Sure, there were guys that helped me in my journey but they didn't spoon feed me. They just helped. Whenever I had a REAL problem they were glad to help me.

    What really disgusts me is when someone hits me up on messenger and asks me to spoon feed him. I hate that. I don't have a problem with helping others, I also helped many in my life but you need to come up with a REAL question, not an inquire, I need to see that you have ambition, that you are working hard for being successful in internet marketing.

    I haven't double-checked this post so it might contain some errors, having in mind that English is not my first language.

    Anyway, I hope that the new members of BHW will take this as an advice, not as a rude comment.

    Least but not last, thank you blackhatworld & its members. For everything.
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    I completely agree with you, but
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    Yeah and it is in the making money section again...hence same ol song:violin:
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    Your english is very good seeing as it's not your primary language. I have to agree more with you, I try not to ask if things will work etc, I really really post expecting advice, not being spoon fed, just pointed in the right direction with a couple of suggestions here and there, whenever I can I always help out other members, so at least I'm not one of the countless members who just takes from the community and never gives anything back.
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    Damn dude, been said a thousand times already. Besides, if you are going to criticize, at least leave something helpful, such as tips or something, at the end of your post. 100% critical posts are not contributing to BHW. You are going to have lazy people wherever you go, even church. Deal with it. Ignore them, help them, cuss them, whatever and move on. You don't have to make an entire post on it.