This is why my girlfriend is a genius - And why girls are smarter than boys


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Nov 3, 2008

The newly discovered hormone ? hypothalagesterone ? or 'pussy smart' as the press have cheekily dubbed it, is claimed to be released by the hypothalamus during intense clitoral orgasms. The clinical tests, conducted over a three year period by leading researchers at London's prestigious Centre for Neuro-sexual Studies found that teenage girls who masturbated to orgasm at least five times a week scored approximately 27.28% higher in examinations than girls who were either sexually inactive, or engaged in regular intercourse with male partners.
New statistics just published seem to confirm the biologists' findings that, on average, teenage girls who masturbate regularly scored some 486% higher than boys across a broad spectrum of academic skills

I'd mind if i wasn't a double major in comp. engineering/physics
heh, made me giggle.

wonder if one year scientists will discover something like this which actually exists!
That's just because the ugly girls have to "do themselves" while the hotter girls get guys to do them.....

Think about it. When you were a teenager think about how the homely girls were always smart and the hotties were the cheerleaders. Think Meg of Family Guy...

lol...this was a joke in case you didn't get it...well...sort
actually that is not true . I just got done checking it out my own self the word it self was taking from 2 words than compounded together .

I don't think its just girls.

Anyone who love life and sex will be more happier, more intelligent, more smart.

Look at yourself, do u think you go really high doing ** yourself and then see if u are intelligent.

just my thought.
edit: misread the OP. i thought he said that girls who engaged in sexual activity often are smarter, which was funny because usually the sluttiest girls i know are also the stupidest people i have ever met. the study was aimed at girls who only masturbated?
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