This is why I love the WF...and the LOL of the day!

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    Two threads in one today People :D

    Firstly, the main topic.

    Casually browsing WF earlier, and I happened to come accross some "Golden Nuggets" of information.
    This may not be new to some of you, but if I was the owner of a forum, and I saw he had 3 pages worth of Infractions I really wouldn't want him round me.
    If you dig deeper, Stephen claims on his website that he " sings in the church choir" (and below that talks about gambling :p)
    but once again if you go back to the infraction page, you can see that Mr Wagenheim has insulted quite a few members in his time; not a very christian manner Mr Wagenheim?

    Here is a nice pic of Mr Wagenheim to tide you over to his next slandering match


    O and before I forget, here is the LOL of the day :p


    Have a good One!