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    Hello Folks, I'm new to the forum (kind of) I've been coming here and reading everything for a while now and I wanted to say THANKS! to all of the people on this board that are trying to help.

    I started online about a year ago, and although I picked up the tech stuff right away; I just couldn't make any money. I was at a swap meet one day with some buddies and it occured to me that this was a room full of guys that ritualistcaly come together to spend money.
    There had to be a way to tap into this.
    This is what I did:
    Got online and looked for upcoming shows and found a woodworking show.
    Went to CB and found a wood working plans package with decent gravity.
    Regisered a domain and set a redirect to my hoplink.
    Used graphics from the sales page (with permision from the vendor!) and created a 2 sided 8-1/2 X 11 color flier following the layout of the sales page closely.
    Printed 300 copies, 2 sided, in color at my day job at the time.
    With no further research and fliers in hand I drove over to the show on the Saturday morning
    Walked in and found a Mom, Pop, Son vendor booth and made a deal. I would buy them all lunch for both days if I could put my flier on their counter.
    The Results:
    I set the stack of 300 fliers on their counter at 9:10AM, they called me at noon and said that they were gone. I did no research, total attendance at this show wound up being about 9200 for the weekend. I ran to Kinko's, paid way to much and printed 1500 more. Got them back down to the show at 3PM Sat. They called me Sunday at about 3PM and said they were out again.
    Of the 1800 fliers that were handed out I got 1154 clicks or hops I should say. From those 1154 hops I did almost $3000 on CB over the next three weeks!

    I called the peolple that gave out my fliers and told them how happy I was and gave them $500-they were thrilled! They then told me that there was 22 shows in this calander and that there was 17 left, and that they would gladly distribute my offer if they could make an extra $500 per show just for doing that.

    That's when the light bulb came on! Talk about recurring easy income!

    I have since applied this approach to an RV Show, a wedding fair, and a golf expo, all with great results. With this one tactic I have gone to full time affiliate marketer in the last 4 months.

    Tips I have learned for implementing this strategy:
    Do the research-find the estimated attendence and vendors list while finding shows online.
    Use an 8.5X11 piece of plain paper printed color both sides. I have tested tri-fold brochures and two sizes of glossy XL postcards and the cheap solution wins.
    Contact the promoter of the show and check on his advertising packages. As it turns out I can have the wood show promoter put my flier in the plastic bag they give to everyone when they enter for $75/show (I'm doing that too but the family that hands them out does way better cause they actually sell for me.)
    Assign each vendor a unique tracking link at CB and send them a screen shot once a week to keep them motivated. If they pre-sell a little-this kills!

    I have developed about 10 of these non traditional strategies that are all working for me. I have been shooting some video and was thinking about packaging it all up into a product. What do you guys think? Should I do it?

    Thanks for everything.
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    can u show a sample of the flyer?
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    Hmm.. Sounds like I've read this exact post somewhere else.
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    Nice innovative thinking. I would recommend that you create an ebook and a video also.
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