This is very strange... need opinions

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by aolandaol221, Jul 24, 2008.

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    k i don;t know what to think.....

    uploaded in the last 2 weeks like 6 movies.....

    4 videoclips watermarked links inside movies and 2 made from pictures , slide shows link in movie also.....

    i used ti and ta on all of them now.... both movies made from pictures.... no copyright on pictures got deleted after 1 day max were doing fine 20+ honor around 20k+ views

    k now my videoclips i send to one close to 60k views very spammy videoclip is still up the others have from 16k up to 25k views still up .. now wtf is happening with the slideshow pics movies?!?! is somebody flagging them ? this is very strange and is driving me crazy... ( ps yt accounts used to upload over 6 month old) the only dif thing i did on those last movies that got deleted was that i used tor also as proxy for ti...

    P.S f***ing yt