This is one awesome forum!

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    This forum is the first one I check out on my Reader every morning!

    I'm an officially white hat, more like gray hat, SEO specialist for a marketing company. I learn an incredible amount from this forum that I can use in a white/gray hat way, and even if I can't use all of the info it still makes me think outside the box. My client ranking reports are kick-ass, but my goal is to make lots of money on my personal sites.

    I'm not a programmer, only know HTML, and am just now learning PHP. I am totally impressed with all the shit you guys can do. I know automation is the way to go and so I'm trying to implement that on my personal sites in my own lame way. My sites include made for Adsense (one pays at least part if not all my cute sports car payment), lingerie (still looking for the right shopping cart but I get 600 visitors/mo already), an Article Directory I just put together, an affiliate site, and one of my blogs got named in a top 50 list.

    I hope I"ll be able to contribute to this forum - it may take me awhile to come up with something you guys don't already know/have.