This is my prospective about life..

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    Some of you say nice story,cool story but say whatever you want to.I don't mind because its a forum, everyone has right to share ideas,thoughts..
    I have been so close to death that I have realised everyone has to go one day. Looks like i have already died.Who has taken birth is sure to die.. My everyday has been like I will die tomorrow or the next day. The everyday I live ,talk to people,meet friends,meet relatives , is out of control looks like I am not saying and it is becoming a memory. In life nothing goes money fame friends but the memories shared at hard times with someone. I used to do all normal things like brushing up,eating food,used to meet friends,driving bicycle at fast speed. But I feel like I don't need any money but love.
    I have heard in bhagvadgita is that surrender to holy names of god krishna and stop this repeated cycle of birth and death.
    How do you feel imagine a person having cancer and doctor says you have 24 hours left to live..
    Also I think a way to recognise someone love is that the person who is poor not have any skills no knowledge but love and have faith in god and remember god with true shraddha ..
    I have a friend here actually its my sir who has given me some work from past 3 months averaging 150-200$per month .this month over 250+$ in 13 days , by tymillz
    But as I said idont need money I have satisfaction with 150$ which even zuckerberg may not have.
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