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This is How I Maintain and Monetize The Traffic of my Blog

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kbklash, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. kbklash

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    Jun 2, 2012
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    in my BMW to my BHW
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    Hi BHWers

    So i am reaching the first year mark of my money blog.So i am letting my friends know how i maintained the flow of web traffic.Its sort of BH,WH mixed.So its friendly and useful.It is very much possible to get free traffic to your website. Not only is it possible, but you can also get tons of targeted traffic like i did for my new blog.

    Using free traffic methods, you can expose your website or product by millions of people.I shall let you know my top tips about traffic.The following are ways of getting and maintaining the free traffic to your very own website!

    1 - Genuine Content And Distribution

    Never post spun contents to your money blog.Write genuine conents only.If you don't know about any niche,hire a pro writer to do the job for you.(I did that,even i am doing the same now ,sometimes.Because i am not native speaker and i tend to mistake grammar often :) ).Share your posts to Social Community sites.The more you share, the more traffic you will get. Submit articles to sites like eZines which will use and distribute your article. Try Youtube a give also! The more distribution, the more traffic!

    2 - Getting SEO Traffic

    Search engine optimization is probably the most popular and best way to get consistent targeted traffic to your website.Do the basic on page optimization with AIO seo pack or WPSEO and then hire a service to have genuine off page optimization also.

    3- Using Online Communities

    Community websites are great as a free traffic source. By actively participating in discussions online you can drive a lot of traffic to your website. People participating in forums share many of the same problems. To be a part of the community in your niche would mean that you can share knowledge, learn, and stay motivated. You can be of service to others, and get plenty of traffic in return.

    4- Start Squidoo

    As an Internat marketer, squidoo will come in handy. It is loved by Google when it comes to search engine rankings. Anyone can post topics of their choosing on squidoo and the fast paced search engine results can drive in loads of traffic.I use squidoo than hubpages,as their is a report that admins are deleting blogs,without any sense or warning.So that doesn't do any good for either us or them.

    5 - Use free classifieds like Craigslist,olx,quikr, even you can use ebay for cheap traffic.

    With free classifieds sites, you can post up ads for free. Google loves Craigslist,olx etc and your ads can be indexed within about twenty-four hours. Not only should you expect to see search engine results, but views from the many millions of visitors that visit Craiglist,olx etc everyday.

    6 - GiveAways make you so reputed and thus result in Free traffic.You can give products Related to Your Blog. Prizes needn't to be big, The prizes related to your blog will gain much appreciation from the loyal readers. They may subscribe to your blog feed to stay updated about the contests.

    7 - Guest Posts can also be a giveaway if once your blog has a considerable amount of traffic. Guest posting offers many advantages.

    8 - Offer Advertising on Your Blog in case your blog is popular and has many subscribers. Free advertising attracts advertisers and bloggers alike.That's a successful traffic and list building trick

    So,once your website or blog is live and all set with traffic, you would be interested in its visitors and its performance.I will give you some more ways to track and utilize your visitors,as i did.

    1.Google Adplanner: It is the first website that I would recommend.If you missed it,then you miss the fruit,i may say

    2.Alexa: Alexa is another old and very popular traffic tracker.Detailed informations about your inbound links and traffic can be found on Alexa. It doesn't charge you from checking the stats.its a free for simple use.

    3. Monetize your blog with Promoting your own product.Having your own product to sell is the best way to monetize the traffic you get. If you have a lot of experience in a certain field you can offer that knowledge in a video course or an eBook.

    4. Monetize with Affiliate offers.Affiliating other products is probably the best thing to go for if you are a beginner in internet marketing.All you have to do is write a few reviews for that product and get some traffic to that review. Leave your affiliate link in the review you wrote so people can purchase the item through you and you will get commission for it.Its not that easy ,as i said.Please look into Affiliate section in BHW for more help and support.

    5. Use Traditional Ads based monetizing methods .CPC ads like Google,Infolinks, and Banner ads like buysellads

    So this coming year for me,its really tough.Once i did my first tier engineering of my money site.I got to keep it alive by doing much needed services.I will use these to places below to get trustworthy,genuine and pro personals for my blog.And i will let you know my experiences with them and their services.


    Thanks for reading this ^^.And i appreciate your interest very much. :)
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