This is how I grab paid digital products for free!

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    OK folks, I'm not much of a hacker, but this is how I usually try to grab paid products for free.

    If I'm not after a particular product but I'm doing some time pass, I'll go to google and search for "thank you for your order" + clickbank OR "download page" + clickbank OR "your credit card has been charged" + clickbank

    .. etc

    Now if I want a particular product, I first search google by

    I use filters as required (so if there's a blog with /blog/page.html or whatever) I'll search for -blog. If there are lot of results and I want only pdf files, I'll search for filetype:pdf

    If its not indexed and I want it badly, I'll try combinations like thankyou.html, download.html (and also the .htm extensions).

    If it has a paypal button, I'll view the source of the page and search for "return". This only works if the website owner uses the normal paypal buttons and not the encrypted buttons.

    Last (but definitely not the least), I'll check out

    Simply visit*/*

    Just replace with the domain you want.

    That's all, folks! If I give you a fish, you'll eat for a day. But if I teach you to fish, you'll eat for a lifetime! I also have some "fishes" which I'll post later.

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