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    I do hope none of you have purchased this toilet water.......

    Ultimate Wealth Package Exposed!

    NOTE: Presumably due to the steadily increasing amount of bad
    publicity for his 'Ultimate Wealth Package', Mark Warren appears to
    be trying to re-emphasise his sales pitch to focus on the need for
    you to buy hosting from him, together with one of his 'get rich
    quick' templates, rather than his previous straightforward modus
    operandi of pushing ebooks.

    This hoary old chestnut has been around for a while.
    Nevertheless, it is extremely common to see Mark Warren's
    affiliates trying to ramp it in various forums, usually in a way
    that gets them immediately banned. Why is it so popular? Who knows.
    Perhaps it's the name. Perhaps its the fact that it's only 24 pages
    long, and contains no big words. Lets take a look inside.

    The opening page of this ultraslim ebook begins with Mark Warren
    proclaiming that the only thing seperating you from 'the rich'
    is... knowledge. Presumably they are also seperated from you by
    their money, big houses and cars, although of course these sort of
    things can't be crammed into an electronic book, so are best ignored.

    Page 3 is a shoddy attempt to persuade you to sign up for '1 on 1
    mentorship' with Mr Warrens 'team of internet gurus' who will
    'personally turn you from a complete beginner into A (sic) Online
    M0ney-Making Expert'. In case you are silly enough to believe that
    Mr Warren can help you to millionaire status when he can't even
    spell check a 24 page ebook, there's a link which I won't bother
    repeating for reasons which will become clear later.

    According to the website, this offer 'isn't available to everyone'.
    Presumably you still need to be breathing, have a full wallet, and an empty skull!

    Page 4 is a 'forward'. Well done for buying the ebook, etc, the
    first $1 is the hardest, and so on. There's also a lot about how
    many fancy cars Mr Warren drives, how many 'luxurious' holidays he
    takes, and why he never bothers with a spell checker.

    By page 5, (or a fifth of the way thru the ebook!) we are getting
    down to the really interesting stuff, which Mr Warren feels is...
    information about Mr Warren and his sumptuous lifestyle. There's a
    lot about how Mr Warren, as a 23 year old, is rich, and no longer
    has to share 79 cent hamburgers with anyone.

    We're not making this up. We're on page 5 and
    we are talking about how a 23 year likes his burgers. If you paid
    money for this, no doubt you are starting to feel like a Big Prat or a
    sucker about now.

    Page 6 finally gets around to how Mr Warren makes money.
    Apparently, he started selling things on eBay when he was 15. Then
    he dabbled with the stock market, because eBay seemed too much like
    work for a guy who likes to keep his burgers to himself. Then he
    went into house clearance - buying furniture etc from houses where
    the owner had died. My, how very 'Internet'.

    By Page 7, Mr Warren has gone back to eBay, as carrying all that
    heavy dead people's furniture to the van had given him a bad back,
    or something. This didn't last long either, as it involved work.
    Then... he bought a 'get r!ch fast' ebook, and made $4000 in his
    first month, saving both his house and Hummer from the repo guy.
    He's now very happy, because money magically appears, WITHOUT WORK,
    and he can 'leave town whenever I want to'.

    Page 8 is more claims that the first $1 is the hardest, and an
    enormous picture of money, in case you are unfamiliar with this
    strange beast.

    Aren't we lucky he didn't slap in a giant picture
    of a hamburger. If you are still reading by this point, you no
    doubt know exactly what kind of 'value for money' this ebook is.

    Page 9 is the real stuff, apparently. Let's get started with his
    simple checklist.

    * Set goals
    * get started with the 'system'
    * Set up a website
    * Set up a mail list and get ONE subscriber (the hardest???)
    * Make ONE affiliate commission
    * Make ONE sale of your own product

    The rest of the page is more pictures of money, and a handy little
    repeat of the steps, with a space to 'tick' when you have completed
    them, in case you get confused.

    What happened to all the hamburgers? Hasn't he
    gone off topic somewhat? Eh? It's not about burgers? What is it
    about then? Making money???? We're almost half way into it and we
    know NOTHING more than we started with, except that this 23 year
    old likes burgers all to himself, in his hummer. I'm tempted to pull
    the plug on this one right now, because it is, in my opinion,
    completely worthless. HOWEVER, I am the Guru, and I have a
    duty to report this stuff for you.

    Page 10 goes into detail on 'Step 1'. Apparently 'setting goals' is
    'much overlooked'. How much money do you want to make this month.
    Spell it out. According to Mr Warren, having an 'exact goal' is
    VERY important. And he then promises that if you follow his steps,

    What about enough to buy your own burger, as a
    matter of fact.

    The page continues with instructions to write down your exact goals
    on paper, then read them aloud in the toilet. You have to do this
    or 'YOU WONT EVER MAKE THAT $1'. And then the obligatory big
    picture of money fills the rest of the page. Just in case you
    forgot what money is.

    Page 11 is a 'sample goal sheet'. This is a list of profit targets
    over 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year, followed by
    a bit of space to write your 'overall goals' for the same periods.
    Remember, if you want to MAKE THAT $1, you need to fill this in,
    and read it aloud in the can.

    That's enough for now - I have to go to the
    john and talk to myself for a while. Coming up:- 'Getting started
    with the system'.

    Next edition tomorrow hopefully......

    By Kind permission and Copyright and property rights of the masked Guru.

    If you woul dlike to get more insights into the world of Money making and don't wish to throw your hard earned money away PM me for the gurus's link
    Its all FREE!
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    Nope, never purchased it. But I have wondered why the hell it was so popular, so I considering purchasing it before - but quickly came to my senses.
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    Damn, what a plagerist. That cheeky Warren has stolen all my good stuff, right down to the bloody hamburger.. looks like I'll have to cancel my million copy hardcopy print of "Super Uber Wealth Package"! Is there a lawyer handy? Nah forget it. I'll just run my book through the latest Article Convertor Software and call it "How to Get Free Hamburgers" or something like that :)

    Seriously, concentustech, thanks for the review. I had seriously looked at buying that package when it first came out. For some reason I clicked the close button on the salespage. Dunno, must have been providence. I have read some reviews that say it's not a bad program, meanwhile do a Guggle search and it screams scam.