Thinking Outside the Box like Steve Jobs Separates the Big Winners from the Pack

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    Everyone who works on the Internet appreciates and realizes that the events of recent days when the leading search engine giant got it's modus operandi shall we say disturbed and they went on a secret mission into deepest Asia to find some nigh on extinct black and white animals that spend all day eating bamboo shoots!

    Anyway they rounded up a select few of these oriental Carnivora shipped them to various strategic locations around the world then dropped them carpet bomb style on millions of websites. Then up popped another problem for the same SE company, as they own a very famous video portal that has been invaded by film clips all being fed by bots et al to rig the viewing figures!

    Right let us stop right there! This was big news and was sure to support some on topic press.

    Then what followed was thread after thread on the leading IM forum in the world BHW all about these events and let us give credit where it is due the first few threads on these events were both informative and helpful in the main. But then the wheels came off half the forum community got overdosed on the story and flocked together like sheep to post a mind boggling number of new threads all with a different title but guess what in the OP it was a repeat of the same old story!

    Now it is not my position to pass judgment after all I am just one of over 280,000 members here at BHW! But I can and will express an opinion based on the way the late great Steve Jobs steered APPLE to be the biggest company in the world. He succeeded because he was not a sheep in the herd - If an advisor said turn right he would turn left - if 2 advisors said turn left and right - he would go straight ahead - why because he was a winner!

    So folks think about the analogy I am woefully trying to express - I believe over 90% of the folk on here are bright enough to avoid joining a herd of sheep!

    Let us all strive to keep this great forum current - interesting - helpful and informative but surely no right minded member wants to see the site stuffed to the gunnels with the same old story time after time.

    Just My 2 Cents on Carnivora and Sheep.

    Thanks for reading!
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