Thinking of selling Facebook accounts with 50-100 Groups and Full profile

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Inception_AC, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hey Guys

    First off please do not PM me about this, This is not a sales thread and all PMs regarding this will be ignored.

    I have around 150 accounts and growing, I was thinking of selling some accounts off and just wondering about pricing as-well as your thoughts,

    All my accounts have between 50/100 groups already joined, all accounts are fully profiled (some male some female) and I am growing my accounts daily.

    The groups are UK based, Have a minimum of 1500 members (I have some US based accounts but most are UK) and the groups are fully active and nothing to do with MLM or anything else that doesn't get alot of clicks, there is huge potential with the profiles I simply don't have the manpower to run every account so I thought I would sell some of them to fund my beer tokens in Vegas in September.

    If anyone has any thoughts feel free to put them in this thread, as I said I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY PMS, if and when I goto sell these accounts it will be done through a BHW sales thread.


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