Thinking of making an adsense website..need advice from people with experience

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by diizzle, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Going to be targetting a a keyword with 33k monthly searches, If i was to get ranked first to third of google with decent ads which pay close to $1 per click what sortof revenue do you think I could expect if I was to get the ranking and traffic

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    Goodle adsense is really great when you got all the traffic and your bounce rate is really on the low side .

    If you are getting all the traffic and your site is ranking high , then you can expect to make a very good living out of google cheques , that i can guarantee you . When i say good living im talking about having a car , a house of yourown , being able to buy whatever you like , whenever you like , and never having to lack again as most successful google publishers are really living large on those monthly cheques .

    It all boils down to your niche and the amount and quality of traffic your site brings in . If you can achieve 20 million views per month , then the sky i believe , would be your starting point .

    Goodluck .
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    if u are aiming for adsense. I would say the best strategy is to try to find sub-keywords and long tails from that 33k keyword. I say this for two reasons:

    1- if you are not going to do agressive link building you probably need at least a few weeks to rank for that keyword. so if you focus on long tails you are getting traffic more fast...

    2- if you focus on agressive link building you are going to rank faster but you are risking your adsense account if you dont do things right...

    If you are going black, go for aff marketing or CPA, and check out my journey thread.

    Hope this helps.
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