Thinking Of Creating A Script, Need Help Making It

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by ramakazi, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I've posted the following on script lance, and if people are wanting to use this script for their site please let me know as if we get like 100 people to chip in like $5 each, we'd raise like $500 for it and be able to get it so we can all benefit by getting heaps of traffic to our site on autopilot. It won't be resold, just who ever is wanting it then we'll split the total price. Don't share it also as the more people who have it the worse it'll become.

    I need this plugin to be used with wordpress, when I activate it, I haven got to insert my username and password then uses the stumble upon toolbar and click's stumble images thing, saves the image that appears to the blog and makes a post with this image and the title that was used from the site it was received from. Plus it's got to be autopiloted so it constantly does this a certain amount of times a week, e.g. if I choose 2 it will do this 2 times a week.

    Can you tell me the price of the above and then how much the bellow will cost aswell.

    It'll have an another part where it will insert this on the page, just asks for the title used and it'll show the capsech (the thing that makes sure your not a bot :p) um and it asks for the code there. This will be posted in the images section, and the url is automatically posted on the site,

    Can you tell me of the above and the next.

    Then another part is it'll get different IP addresses from the site: and promote the image just posted so it gets to the top.