Thinking of buying YTA - Is it a good decision?

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    May 31, 2011
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    I'm thinking of buying YTA. $80 is not a small amount from where I belong and it took me some time to arrange it so I wanna be sure before I buy it.

    - YTA's official site is blackhattechnologies dot com?
    - The price is $79.99?
    - They accept Moneybookers?
    - Is it a ONE-TIME cost? I mean no license renewals? No purchasing updates? Etc?
    - Is it really worth it?
    - I'm new to CPA and haven't made anything yet. Will YTA help me start making money?
    - Any discount coupons available?
    - Is the software worth it?
    - What are my immediate costs after purchasing YTA? Proxies, YT accounts, what else?
    - Is there any trial version of the software?
    - Does YTA 'like' videos and 'thumbs up' comments as well?
    - How will you rate their support out of 100%?

    If you are not going to help and just troll, please don't post here. I only want people who are using YTA and want to help to answer this thread.
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