Thinking About Making a Podcast Membership Site (Wanted to Know Some Things)

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by TDManager87, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I have 42 podcast that cover around 3 different topics, but not in any particular order. I was thinking whats a good way to go about it?

    I read just about every post (esp kyles), so I think I have a alright idea of things.

    - DAP
    - Payment Processor
    - Domain Name
    - Autoresponder (and I will follow up with the drips and feeds)
    - Social Presence (work in progress)
    - Decent looking website
    - I have very little content to start, but I can write and add it.
    - I will reinvest in this business (buy better servers, get professional videos, content, etc).
    - A strong desire haha

    Initially, I am going to upload 42 podcast, and try to add 4-5 every month. To make sure users just don't just download all the content and leave, I want limit them to only being able to download up to (3) Podcast a week. 3 to me seems like a good number because its gives the user about 2-3 days to process what they actually hear instead of getting overwhelmed.

    I want to set the first month $14.95 (non-refundable), but they can cancel after the 1st month. Then the next month is $29.95, they can cancel anytime.

    Paid = $29.95/month Can download 3 podcast per week (12 a month).
    Free = Download only 2-3 podcast total, and there's no variety to choose from. Only the 3 I assign.

    So am I missing anything here? If so, let me know.

    PS. If you know anyone who is selling FB Likes and Twitter Followers (not the kind that are fake and disappear) let me know. My friend only needs a few more, so if you know anyone that wont hurt the bank for around $20, let me know.
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    You can sell your podcasts on iTunes too if you're not already (put a price on them in there if they are valuable)

    What type of podcasts?
    Meaning, maybe instead of writing, you can convert them into videos, slideshows, transcribed into PDF, converted into eBooks, i.e. make them more valuable.

    Are they lessons/tutorials? Can you create a home-study guide from them (action guides, etc)

    Can they be converted into a "series" that can be sold separately?

    Or maybe they are more valuable as a lead-funnel... putting them up on iTunes for free, and adding a call-to-action to your membersite with specific help or materials on that topic, or create a new product for them..