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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Hi guys..
    I have a question up here..

    If anyone has ever experienced with this please help..

    I was havin a ciao account. Easily i gained upto 20$ without any cheats or anything my own reviews.after then i tried to copy crop a bit from reviews and posted on my account
    after 24 hours my balance was 24$ but after 2 hours it got locked..can anyone please help me with there tracking system so i can piss them out

    even i was havin another id.i almost copyied everything upto 14$ i wasnt locked..but when i used 7 more frm other website..

    I got locked...

    I think if we write in there text fields they they recognize any cheat.guess copyin text directly hits them much..

    Even another account i copyied 8 reviews and i still got 8$ its not locked..

    I dont know may be i am wrong or right if anyone can help please help out