Think this would help some affiliate sites that are getting hit by Google?

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    Ok, so I run an affiliate site for a diet product and today it hit me, I have few forms on my site, most being the contact pages, forum pages, comment form and stuff like that. . So do you know what my buy pages are REALLY lacking?

    I form the handles the sales of the product!

    In fact I have a few buy pages and all of them link to the same affiliate links.

    Do you think setting up a quick form and having a PHP file send people to my affiliate's site would make me seem like I am NOT an affiliate site and maybe help google trust my site a little more?

    It was just an idea I had, and wanted to run it by you guys. The plus side to this is you would NOT have to have affiliate links all over your site and in fact it might help gain some trust from the user and google?
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    The idea is not bad except for the fact you can not try this without an example.