Think Ebay has caught on to Entropay VCC's??? 1st time problem w/ Ebay VCC Euro's!!!

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by olewheat, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Hey everyone! I am hoping all the experts out there can help.... I just got off the phone with Ebay. I was forced to try to call in to verify one of my new stealth accounts. I had everything going well and was given 10/$1000 to start off. Went to sell an item and added a VCC that I purchased from Entropay. I've always used them and have not had any issues. Suddenly, my account was stopped and I was told to call in to answer a few additional questions. I thought I'd go ahead and try and hope I could get the rep release my account and let me start selling. Also, I was hoping to discover what the actual problem was so I would know for future stealth acct's. Ebay said that the credit card I added to my account did not match my information. I played stupid and said that couldn't be, it was my cc account. He put me on hold for several mins and came back and said that my cc was showing in euro's. I said, that was impossible and that I was in the US and my cc was from the US. He said for me to upload a copy of my cc statement so I could prove that it was mine and that it was indeed in US dollars. First, can anyone hook me up with a good cc statement so I can upload and see if I can possibly still get away with this stealth account. Second, what is going on with the Entropay VCC's? Has Ebay caught onto them finally? Anyone know of another reputable VCC that I can use? I only know about Entropay. I still have not gone to my Entropay account to see why it's showing in euro's. I will do that after this post and if I find anything out I will post but I do not believe it has anything to do with my Entropay account. This is the fourth VCC I've used on the same account. I would have thought that the first three would have caused the same issue if my account was setup incorrectly. Anyway, I hope PRAY that someone out there can provide me with some info to get past this little hurdle with setting up a new stealth account. I look forward to hearing back from you all. Have a nice afternoon!
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    very informative thread, trying to get a account up in aus so its hard work !