Thin Aff Sites Getting Deindexed


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Nov 3, 2008
Found this on axed thin aff sites: (It says BANS but applies to other thin aff niche stores too)

Why Does Google Deindex a BANS Website?

If you were looking for the golden answer to why sites are being deindexed, you have come to the wrong place! The truth is... we can all make educated guesses, but until someone from Google steps up and says "This is Why..." (which will never happen) nobody will ever know the exact reason. One thing for sure, it's more than a manual review at this point, as it would take quite a team of reviewers to find and deindex so many sites in such a short time!

One of the things that caught Dave's eye, was the text that is common to all sites. Things like "Time Left" and others like "See more Item on eBay", could be built into the G algorithm, and used to flag sites for further review. From that point, an engineer could review several of the sites in the flagged queue, find additional common ground between all of the sites, and ultimately tell the search index to ignore these sites. Dave is definitely on the right track in narrowing down what may be causing the flags in the Google Algorithm, so I started checking my own sites... looking for the common ground!

What I found was not dramatic, but there are several things to consider when you review your own. In my case, I have several BANS 3.0 sites with common text deindexed. BUT... at the same time, I have some 1.3 and 2.0 sites, with the same exact text that are still in the index!

My Own Site Observations

We have all heard this 100 times... focus on the content and you will be fine right? Maybe not! Many of us have tons of unique content on our sites, yet they were still dropped. Which led me to look at the sites still in the index, versus those that were dropped! Between Kim and Myself, we started with "many" sites... and have cut it back to less than 20, some by choice... others by the deindex nightmare!

Varying Factors among Dropped Sites

1. Unique and Relevant Content
Some of the sites dropped had ALOT of unique content, others had none! The most curious factor I found on this topic was in a few older versions of BANS stores (1.3 and 2.0 bans) I still have jockeying around, that have NO original content at all, but are still indexed just fine and bringing visitors on a daily basis!
2. Hosting
Some of the sites were on one hosting plan, others on different accounts. To me, this means they were not all related to the hosting account by IP or DNS and dropped for that specific reason.
3. Themes
Some of the sites dropped had the same theme as some that are still fine! If it were the same theme on all sites, I would know it was related. This takes Themes out of the equation on my sites.
4. Text on Page
Some common text was found on both dropped and still fine sites! Seeing the same text across both dropped and listed sites, tells me this was not the only factor in the drops.
5. Inbound links
Some of the sites had high numbers of links, others had few or none!
6. Blogged about Them
While some of the deindexed sites have been blogged about here, others have not! Additionally, some of the sites I HAVE blogged about, are still fine!

Common Factors on Dropped Sites

1. Same Backend Software! (BANS 3.0)
2. ALL customization was done inside the BANS admin! (Show this, hide that etc)
3. ALL sites had high numbers of 302 errors in the site logs! (This is found in BANS 3.0 stores)

While there may be other common and different factors such as the paypal icons, ebay links etc... within just a few hours, I narrowed the ONE common factor to all of my sites that have been dropped.... they ALL had BANS 3.0 on them! Literally NONE of my pre-3.0 stores are deindexed! I DO have several BANS 3.0 stores that still do quite well, but they are highly modified from the download package you get when you upgrade or buy the product new, and ALL of them have a blog on the front or backend!
Take an inventory of your own sites... do you have any BANS 2.0 stores still? If so, are they still indexed? If you want to see a few examples of the very poorly built and never updated BANS 1.3-2.0 stores I have that are still in the index, just shoot me an email and I will send back a link! If you remember one of my original How-To series from August of 2007 at the kids college fund site, you will recall that I gave away a website about Grill Auctions... the winner NEVER updated it and abandoned it shortly after giving up on BANS in early 2008. It is still BANS 2.0, still setup for CJ, and still very indexed! It also gets about 120 daily visitors still!

Trying to Make BANS 3.0 Work

At the opening of this post, I mentioned that I built a new site a few weeks ago, based on the same review format of the Hybrid Golf site. The site is BANS ONLY and uses BANS 3.0 as the backend. Aside from those two factors, it is highly modified in the index.php and frontcontrol.php files. The site is Titanium-Drivers + .com (I didn't link on purpose)** and has only been publicly viewable for about 2 weeks, and never been linked from an outside source. The ONLY method I used to get the search engines to index the site was to submit the xml sitemap to each. It is listed in my Google tools account, etc.

My Conclusion

While I cannot say with 100% certainty that the newest version of BANS (3.0) is the main reason that sites are dropped, regardless of quality... it is one of the blaring common factors! Sites that survived the algo drops, are either VERY full of unique content... or highly modified versions of the software within the php files that drive it!
In my opinion, pre 3.0 sites are still just as vulnerable in the longrun... but it was during the bans 3.0 heyday that Google stood up and took notice of Build a Niche Store. Could it be that they havetheir algo tuned for 3.0 and not previous versions? In my opinion... yes!
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I love posts like this that are based on research rather than just rumour. Thanks for sharing this with the community steve (thanks given).

Is there a chance google could be checking for a system file inside a folder to confirm BANS3 is installed ?

I had a similar problem with some autoblogging software and once I had taken the time to change the templates and rename folders the de-indexing issues went away. Unfortunately I made all of these changes at once, so dont have a definitive answer.
I have been reading up quite a lot on this before stumbling on the forum.

Basically all the research I have done points at EPN / Google having a hard on for BANS. Many sites seem to get deindexed unless a lot of work is done to the sites, even ones with loads of content get targetted.

PhpBay seems a much safer option.

I am using PHPbay and rss reposting in my wordpress blogs and they don't get deindexed or banned.

So back to guessing is that the template form of BANS has been blacklisted.

So you need to change all the CSS code and the layout of the BANS site and remove the powered by bans or anything that is similar for all BANS sites.

If you wish to keep your BANS site indexed you will have to constantly add fresh content. Write articles then link a keyword to your auction page. Social bookmark it as much as possible and this will keep you indexed.
I know E*bay has a fit if you have an amazon feed on the same site. They will shut down and not say why. Something to do with promoting their competition. I know that has nothing to do with Google. Like to know if figure it out. Thanks for the post.
I don't use BANS, but do have a couple of eBay related sites that use the same common elements you describe. They have not been de-indexed

You mention earlier versions of BANS continue to remain listed. Is it possible BANS 3 is leaving a unique footprint?

In my experience most programs that use some type of standard template system leave footprints that make it easy for the SE's to identify sites built with these software packages.

Have you tried building a site using a clean custom template?
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