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    For all of our black hat need

    Scanned from government source

    Crime: Theft

    This is to avenge my lost of $2k due to theft 9 years ago. I hope they never get an honest job, keep stealing, get shot, and go to hell or break some three strikes you're out laws. This should help honest people get better jobs now that there is less competition. This should also help employers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Now, it's just a rapidshare. Soon, it'll be a wordpress blog with adsense in it. Employers need to just look up the name in google and voila, why the hell this name show up on

    Hmm.... 9 years I hold grudge. Nine years, I wonder what's the point of making honest money if some assholes are going to steal that anyway. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. 9 years, every time my biz go up, I felt something is missing. I felt vulnerable. Weak. What about if the bad guy just come again take everything. Then my biz collapse again because I concentrate on vengeance rather than building biz.

    But no... The suffering of crime victims are always ignored. We are always told to move on, forgive... When we go crazy and get demotivated we are told that it' our fault.

    If the Mongols left the Baghdad to live (by miracle), should the people of Baghdad move on and keep making money or should they learn how to hit back? Should we move on when people hurt us?

    Criminals have all the right and we are just suckers and punching bag.

    If people get killed, slaughtered, bombed (by both sides), raped or having their properties stolen, then it's just supposedly our share. Soon people think that it's just normal that the productive pay tax to appease bigots and others who hate them. Then it become officials.

    Governments are busy screwing victimless consensual crime to uphold facist ideas that we, the innocent, are supposed to be victims of those who can kick butt.

    Somehow hitting back gives me a sense of safety that I too can hurt those mean people as much as they can hurt me.