They Offered you $80/hour to Clean the Cemetery alone (10pm - 5am) - WILL YOU TAKE THE JOB?

C'mon folks, do business make money.
I will accept the job at US$80 per hour and outsource it at US$25 or US$30 per hour and the difference would be a neat profit.

And it could be a great way to make money @Willyfish and @krishnaverma since you guys don't really make $5/day (me included) :D
Waited for this moment all my life. I would do the exorcism for free too. :D
I lived next to a cemeteries huge parts of my life. There were no ghosts. so $80/hour? fuck yeah.
My mother-in-law is more haunting and hangs out at home almost five times a week..... I'd definitely take that job if I were jobless.
Ghosts and spirit's don't exist, so there is no need to worry about anything haunted.
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