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They Didn't Know I'm A Newbie, But I Got Approved!

Discussion in 'CPA' started by realhuntguyz, Jan 4, 2019.


Do you suggest I start with...

  1. IG Influencers

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  2. Adword Banner

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  3. Pinterest

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  4. Fb Ads / Group

  1. realhuntguyz

    realhuntguyz Newbie

    Dec 29, 2018
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    Graphic Designer
    Hello BHW Families,

    I know if I had joined this forum some years back, I would have become so good at this (IM).

    Firstly I want to thank you guys for all the post and comment, it's been so helpful to me and I really appreciate.

    just some few munites I joined, I remember someone told me, to just keep reading and reading everything, which I did...

    Until I found what interests me "CPA"

    I had to read and also follow every new and also IM Journey on CPA.

    I'm happy that to announce that I got approved within 24hr of joining CPAGRIP, Adwork Media, and Ogads. even though Ogads took me some time before they sent me an approval today.

    Now, I need you guys to help me with some marketing Idea that's already working and will also guarantee a good success for this CPA's.

    I'm thinking of IG, Youtube and maybe FB group, But I would love to ask if anyone know any media site to buy traffic, NOT BOT, real traffic, please.

    I will be so grateful for every comment below!